Types Of Computer Data

Explore the types of computer data. Nowadays with this advance technology everyone use different electronic devices to store information, computer is one of those devices. Computer has a large storage capacity to preserve different types of data. It is the most convenient source to store data. Computer can store data in numerous forms. Here are some of the types of computer data discussed in detail which will help in understanding the methods and processes to store information in your computer.

Different types of computer data fall majorly in few categories; primitive data type, abstract data type composite data type, alphabetical data type etc.


– Boolean type

Boolean data type refers to those types of computer data which represent the values in two forms i.e. true and false. All the values are represented as true and false or yes and no. these are also known as logical data. In some software, it has been interpreted in the form of numbers which indicates either its true or false, 0 is considered as false while other digit is referred as true.

– Numeric type

Numeric data is one of the very common types of computer data which simply means numbers. Numbers can be many forms including, integers, real numbers, currency calculation, percentage, binary numbers etc. some software use different language for such numeric type of data which includes, single, double or float.

1. Integers: It is consisting of whole numbers and can be represented in negative as well as positive. It doesn’t have any decimal values.

2. Real numbers: It contains decimal and fractional values as well and can be represented in negative and positive.

3. Currency: It contains a specific symbol which refers to a particular country. This type of numeric value is recorded till two decimal digits.

4. Percentage: Percentage values are recorded in a way that it is calculated out of 100 and can be denoted in a whole number as well as in decimal values. It has a specific percentage symbol (%) which is used to indicate percentage value.


Composite data type is a combination of primitive data type; they combine to form composite data type which is also known as data structure. There are different types of composite data, which serves different purposes like, array, union, record, sets, objects and tagged union.


Alphanumeric data simply means one of the types of computer data that contains alphabets as well as numbers. It is very common type of data storage system, which allows different type of computer data to store in one place. It contains alphabets, numbers, symbols, space and punctuation marks. It records every bit of details you want to store in your computer. It is also referred as text data.


Abstract data type is one of the rare types of computer data; it doesn’t have any representation and implementation. It is just a vague term or language used which don’t have any purpose. Array and records contain such types of computer data, they are considered as concrete as they specify the elements present it a memory.