Types Of Computer Courses

What are the different types of computer courses? There are very many types of computer courses offered in various learning institutions. Some are examinable while others are for general knowledge purposes. A part from going to these learning institutions, there are quite a number of useful resources online which one can learn from.

Computer is abroad field with very many areas of specialization depending on one’s interest. Among the various types of computer course include;

Network administration

A network is an interconnection of various network systems. It can be LAN, WAN, Intranet etc. Under network administration there are very many aspects which one must understand to qualify as a network system administrator.

In these types of computer course, one is expected to design a network system, be able to manage a network system and trouble-shoot it in case there’s need to do so. These may also form other types of computer course at advanced stages of specialization.

Still under network administration, one must learn various security measures to be taken for a given set of network, the network operating systems etc.

Network security is another important computer course. Here, one is expected to appreciate the need for network security including the creation of wireless security system.

In network administration, one is expected to learn how network systems can be configured, setting accounts, establishing a level of security besides outlining privileges to those sharing that particular network.

Computer programming courses are also very useful types of computer courses offered by various learning institutions. There are very many computer languages which are taught in this course that is C++, Python, PHP, and HTML among other useful programming languages. It forms a foundation for various types of system, application and utility software. This also requires the understanding of the computer hardware which leads to other important types of computer courses called computer engineering.

Computer engineering as a course involves the design of computer hardware system which includes various electronic circuits, understanding the various semiconductor devices such as the microprocessors and analysis of the signal processing within the entire computer systems. These types of computer courses are very broad hence need for specialization in other areas such as the operating system management etc.

Web design and computer graphics are some of the most marketable types of computer courses. This involves creation of animations especially when it comes to the multimedia part of the course, making online video, and film editing and website layout. Web site design digital art are important constituents of these types of computer courses.

The role played information system course cannot be ignored while designing various types of computer courses. It provides an overview of some of the most important areas such as the database management, programming, web design, computer system analysis network security etc. In fact this particular course gives one an opportunity to know quite a number of existing types of computer courses thereby making an informed choice before moving to advanced level where he/ she is expected to specialize on a much but sensitive fields.

In summary, there are very many types of computer courses depended on ones area of specialization be it networking, database management, operating systems programming or web design.