Types Of Computer Cords

Computer is a complicated machine and needs many different parts to stay connected. Lots of items in a system are interconnected with each other to give a proper function. The types of computer cords vary from each other in many aspects. Most of us don’t know that connecting different parts of computer with each other require proper and precise kind of cord. More than 40 different kinds of cords for the computer are available in market. We are going to describe here a few so that you could know them.

VGA cord is of demand among types of computer cords. It was created in era of 1980’s but still considered as the best tool for connecting computer system with monitor or LCD. This kind of cord has been innovated and replaced mostly by the digital modes. All the displays available in market are coming with the HDMI but they have also option of VGI for compromised factors.

Types of computer cords also make ATA cord as its major kind. It is a kind of parallel cord that is used to connect different storage devices such as hard disks, solid drives or CD- ROM. This wire consists of two or three connectors that are plugged into drives. Cord has 40 pins in it and each of pin needs to be functioning for proper task.

Serial ATA cables are used to replace the ATA cords. These are innovated types of computer cords that can work at high speed and efficiency. Most of the people prefer to use the ATA instead of SATA for performing their tasks at a very affordable time and speed. SATA cord has 8 pins which are connected with the drive.

USB cables have become the most commonly used ones. From charging of the mobiles to the charging of cameras and connection of mouse or keyboard is dependent on such types of computer cords. These cords can help you to connect almost any kind of thing with the computer. They have three versions i.e. 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Performance of the cord keeps on increasing with the 1.0 to 3.0. This means that 3.0 is more efficient as compared to the 1.0. Each kind of USB cord has two connectors. One connector is connected with computer and other with the desired device. Different cables get connected with different types of USB connectors.

E SATA or External Serial Advanced technology is external interface for the new technologies. These types of computer cords are similar as the SATA cord but they are most advanced. They are able to transmit digital to digital or digital analog kind of devices.

HDMI is one of the latest forms for making the high quality pictures connected with LCD. They are used to give the high definition pictures/ videos on the LCD.

You should choose the right cord among types of computer cords. Check out your demands and finalize cable on the basis of your own requirements. Make it perfect for making the things done.