Types Of Computer Connections

Learn more about Types Of Computer Connections. A computer connection is actually the link between connector and plug into a port such as monitor, keyboard, and mouse etc. Normally, a computer has different types of computer connections most of which are analog. The computer connections are also named as ports and they develop constantly as the latest and quicker technologies become available. Universal serial bus or USB is the one of the most commonly used types of computer connections all around the globe. This connection is quite helpful in providing the enhanced transfer rates of various data. PS/2 is another type of computer connection that is losing popularity day by day because the USB has replaced it.

Phone plugs known as RJ-11 or RJ-14 respectively used for single line and double lines are the types of computer connection that are actually on the telephone line modem of the computer. Normally, these connections are in the form of cards that are installed in the back side of the computer. An Ethernet port is another type of computer connection used and seems like a bigger version of the telephone line port. This computer connection is considered to be one of the most commonly used ways to connect computers is various networks. Networks having more than two computers generally make usage of a router in order to make all the connections work effectively. A cable goes through the Ethernet port to the router on all of the computers.

RCA-type and S video is the type of computer connections that basically adapt a broad range of several video equipment connections. Digital video recorders, video cameras, and televisions can be hooked to your PC with the help of these ports. However, they are not considered to be standard equipment on any of the computer, so you will have additionally purchase a video card and install it. One of the most high speed computer connections is of IEEE 1394, and is usually used to handle videos and movies as several kinds of video equipments are fitted with these ports. Moreover, these types of ports are also quite helpful in shifting various other types of data. This port is also named as FireWire and is ordinarily found in the back side of the computer. Generally, the computers don’t come with these types’ of computer connections and are needed to be installed with the

help of a card having FireWire ports.

Majority of the computers have two standard audio analog ports, which are tiny round holes that are capable of receiving 1/8 inch plug. Among the two ports, one is for the microphones while the other is for the headsets. In addition, the external speakers can also be plugged into the port of the headset. This type of computer connection usually accepts both standard analog as well as mini optical plug. The VGA and DVI ports are the types of computer connections that are quite helpful in handling the signals of the analog video. In addition, these port are normally used for monitors having high-definition.