Types Of Computer Components

What are different Types Of Computer Components? Computer is not a single entity that could be used alone. In fact, it is made up of certain types of computer components that make it function in the right way. These components have special types of unique function to make them work well. All parts of the system should work in combination to give the output. They are just like the human body system, if any one of them gets disturbed, computer will not work well. You need to have an idea of all components for understanding the basics of a computer system.

System unit is among the types of computer components. This part is considered as the central part of any computer. It is a kind of rectangular box that is placed on the lower side of your desk. Many electronic components are placed inside this box. CPU is the most important of all the parts. This is also known as brain of computer. Actual speed and proficiency of the computer component is dependent on the central processing unit. Component called random access memory is a temporary component that stores information. The data from such memory gets erased if the computer power is not working.

Storage devices are among important types of computer components. These devices may be one or more in number depending on your computer. Hard disk stores information on platters with the help of a magnetic surface. Drive of the hard disk is usually inside the unit.

CD and DVD drives are also considered as part of the system. They are not the proper memory devices and located on the front side of system usually. If you have recordable drive, you could store it the data on it. CDs can also be used to play music on your computer.

Floppy disk drives were also among types of computer components once a time. They have become a part of past now. You can store only a little amount of data on these floppy drives. These systems have been removed from most of the computers but still you can find them in old ones.

Mouse is counted as types of computer components that are unable to avoid. It is used to select and point the items on your screen. They come in many kinds of shapes and technologies. Most of them look a bit like an actual mouse. Long wire of the mouse seems like tale of the real one.

If you are talking about types of computer components, how can you avoid the keyboard? It can be called as the central commanding unit of your system. Without it, you can’t type or do anything. Even if the mouse is not working, commands can be given with the help of keyboard. This component also comes in different kinds of shapes and styles. You can choose the one of your kind from the market.

In nutshell, all types of computer components are important to play a heavy role in the computer system to do any kind of tasks.