Types Of Computer Companies

Now-a-days computers have become very common and are found excessively in homes, offices and everywhere. There are different types of computer companies which are providing their excellent services in this regard. IBM or international business machine is one of the most popular types of computer companies that were established in 1889. The excellent company of IBM sells computers as well as, any other related parts. Another well-known type of Computer Company all around the world is of Apple, which is actually a multinational corporation since 1976. Compaq is also considered to be one of the important types of computer companies which have started working in 1982. For a long period of time this great computer manufacturing company has enjoyed the position of being the most prominent producer of computer systems.

Intel corporation is the type of computer companies which was founded in the year 1968 and is considered to be the first computer company to produce x86 series of microprocessors. The main head quarter of Intel Corporation is situated in California while the sub-branches are scattered all around the globe. The multinational company of Dell is quite popular all around and is considered to be one of the largest computer companies. Moreover, this computer company has provided employment to over 103.300 people all around the world. Commonly, the products included in this type of Computer Company are of computers, laptops, notebooks, and peripherals etc.

Lenovo is the type of computer system that has been ranked in the third place and is considered to be the biggest mechanized company all around. This computer company was founded in 1984 and its main head quarter is located in North California. Asus is the type of computer brand which is considered to be one of the best ones and is used widely all around the world. Sony is one of the commonly used computer companies and is considered to be better than that of dell and apple etc.

Toshiba is another type of Computer Company which provides an excellent performance and is considered to be best for gaming. Samsung is one of the well-known computer companies all around providing excellent computing experiences to millions of people all around the world LG is another great computer brand and has been rendering its outstanding services since long times. HP is also considered to be one of the top ten computer companies all around the world and is available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Another well-known computer company is of RIM, which has been ranked in the top ten excellent computer companies around the globe. HTC is also considered to be one of the great computer companies and its products are of good quality. All the above mentioned types of computer companies provide computers in different sizes, shapes and prices. These varieties include desktop computer, laptops, classic mainframes, advanced mini computers, net books, tablet PCs such as iPad, smart phones, and pocket PCs like iPod touch etc. with the passage of time, all the computer companies had provided with the latest versions of computer.