Types Of Computer Communication

What are the different types of computer communication? Modern computers have various types of computer communication that work as long as there is available internet communications or a shared network system. The most commonly used types of computer communication are the emails acronym of electronic mails. There are also video chat, social networks, SMS chat, VoIP phones, forums, IRC chat and newsgroups.

These various ways of ways of disseminate information are discussed below:


It is the most frequently used type of computer communication today. It is very simple to use. The message is typed in the text editor provided, the recipient address is typed in its specified location and a click on the ‘send’ enables you to forward the mail to recipient. It alerts you if the email has been delivered or not. This type of computer communication is instantaneous, efficient and reliable as compared to the slower postal services. The mostly used email services are those of Gmail, yahoo and Hotmail.

SMS, Video chat and IRC chat

This also forms a group of very essential types of computer communication. SMS in full is short messaging services. SMS chat is mostly used in cell phones, but it is also used in chat software such as Google Talk, Instant messenger and Yahoo Messenger. IRC stand for Internet Relay Chat. Through this channel you can communicate with clients / friends on the Chatzilla or Xchat.

Other types of computer communication are the Video chats which blends both the VoIP and the SMS technologies. By using Skype, Google Talk it is possible to communicate while seeing each other via webcam of the recipients’ computer. With a very strong internet connection and a quality webcam, this makes video chat one of the best types of computer communication since it is possible to chat through talking, SMS and seeing one another as the chat goes on. It has really revolutionized education systems as people can employ online tutors.

VoIP phones refer to Voice over Internet Protocol Phones. It’s the process of connecting phone calls through internet. The VoIP phones are normally plugged to a computer and by using certain software it is able to access the internet networks hence forming other advanced types of computer communication.

It’s cheap as compared to the cost of global communication rates thus being very economical. The cost is almost half that of telephone communication in many parts of the globe. These services are available to residential and business customers and are offered by the following companies such as the Net Talk, Intalk, Vonage and the Magic Jack.

Discussion Forums

Some of these types of computer communication include the teleconferencing. It has made very many companies to hold meetings in different offices. It’s being adopted by some judicial systems as one does not need to be necessarily in court to attend the court proceedings. It has helped active participation in various online forums which include sharing of business ideas and strategies.

The last types of computer communication in this list are the Newsgroup. It integrates forum and chat room. It is accessed to post pictures, files, information and topics for discussions.