Types Of Computer Chips

What are different Types Of Computer Chips? A memory chip or computer chips is a small device of computer used to store different type of information or data. There are various types of computer chips, some of which are quite common while some are not used commonly. Currently, it is the age of computer and more than one memory type is used in laptops, PCs, and computers etc. typically, the computer chips of all types are made of semi-conductor material, the most commonly used of which is silicon. This semi-conducting material has the ability to carry over electricity between the insulators as well as metallic conductors. Different types of computer chips have their own respective features and they also vary in size. Typically, a chip contains m ore than millions of electronic constituents or transistors.

Random access memory or RAM is the most commonly and widely used type of computer chip all around the world. The most common type of RAM is dynamic random access memory or DRAM, while some others are EPROM, EEPROM, and flash which are also used in mobile phones and various handheld devises. However, all these mentioned chips are capable of storing data unless the computer is on and power is being received by the chip, but as soon as the computer is turned off all the data on the RAM is wiped out. Most of the times, people feature almost eight chips of RAM on the circuit board in order to get improved performance.

Flash memory is the type of computer chip that is considered to be non-volatile and operates like a combination of both RAM and hard disc drive. Data and other information are held in the memory even if the power is being lost. There are several benefits of flash memory such as low voltage, durability, and an excellent speed. Generally, this type of memory chip is used in pagers, printers, digital cameras, smart phones, and audio recorders etc. Shadow random access memory or SRAM is the type of computer chip which basically permits the transfer of chosen sections of the BIOS code from the ROM memory to RAM memory.

Hard disk is considered to be one of the most inexpensive types of computer chips and the storage in it is on permanent basis. The space for storage in this type of memory chips is very cheap as well as abundant and is helpful in forming a virtual memory. DIPs or dual in-line packages are considered to be the conventional chip memory, having almost 8-40 legs that are divided evenly in two lines. Pin-grid arrays or PGAs are the type of computer chips that are square in shape and the pins in it are ordered in concentrical squares. In the same way, SIPs or single in-line packages are the type of computer chips having only a single row of legs arranged in a straight line. SIMMs or single in-line memory modules are the chips consisting of almost nine chips that are bundled in just one unit.