Types Of Computer Cards

A computer device is an expansion device of the computer which is used to enhance the capabilities of the computer. The capabilities depend on the use of the computer card. It is inserted into the computer to add the functionality in the computer. There are various types of computer cards that are used with different features. One of the common and popular types of computer cards is the USB, universal serial bus and is the name given to the certain type of connective wire. It is used to transfer the information back and forth between the computers and also to the external devices of the computer like mouse, hard ware etc. In some computers, USB is already installed in them so the USB card enhances the ability of the computer by adding the additional ports. In those computers which do not have the USB card installed in them, USB card is used to give the possible ports to those computers.

The other types of computer cards include the fire wire card which was developed by apple in late 80’s and early 90’s. The fire wire card has approximately the same functioning as that of USB but USB has a more market share. Both are often considered together and the fire wire is used mostly to connect a digital video camera or any external hard disc device. PC cards are the types of computer cards which are basically designed for the laptop computers. Its main purpose was to increase the computer storage. However, there use for the expansion was no longer in use.

High speed serial port cards is the other important types of computer cards which has a very high speed ranging from 1 serial port to 8 serial port. It operates with all major windows and has the full modem control as well as the software and hardware flow control. These all card have the ability to increase the functioning of your computer and connects your computer to the external devices. These types of computer cards vary in price, quality and the functions.

Graphic cards are the type of computer cards which is called the graphic processing unit is the micro processor that stimulates the 2D and 3D graphics from the micro processor. They are the expansion card whose basic purpose is to generate output images on the display. They are responsible for delivering the image on your PC. The GPU processes the data and then send the signal to the monitor. Earlier when the computers are introduced the basic purpose of graphic cards was just to display the image due to the shorter memory but with the passage of time the functioning of graphic cards is also increased.

Sound card is the other very important types of computer cards that facilitates the input and output of audio signals to and from the computers. They are responsible for recording, producing or playing the sounds in the computer. They are responsible for providing the audio components for multimedia applications in the computer like editing video or audio, presentation etc.