Types Of Computer Brands

Computers have two parts, Software and hardware’s. Hardware of computer is made by branded companies. These companies are responsible for providing high quality and guaranteed products. Among all the types of computer brands few are considered as top rated brands, these are Apple, Dell and HP. Let’s discuss all the brands of computer in details.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the high rated brands that have been used from several years. It is producing the best market sales of all of its computer related accessories. Either you buy an HP computer or a laptop t has a high resale factor that is customer grabbing factor for any selling product in the market. The process of HP is not high as in case of Mac. They are reasonable and in the range of most of the computer users.

Apple is one of the types of computer brands that are made of aluminum body. These offer reliable computer products with a SSD that is faster than other hard drives. The reliability and high quality of these products are making these famous. The asymmetric fans present in the Apple brand are used to clean out the various parts of the computer. This type of computer brand has a thunderbolt which is faster than other USB slots available in other brands. Apple Mac’s are also the best computers. Other accessories of apple are also thrilling and captivities.

Other than these two types of computer brands dell is one of the types of computer brands that has reasonable prices with a lot of specifications that meets your daily computer usage needs. They have high speed graphic cards, Cache memory sizes and the Laptops of Dell are most reliable among all the other types of computer brands. Their fast processing and high resolutions are attracting number of customers. Asus are top class in terms of response. Some computer brands are slow and they work slowly with no responding many times while working. Asus never say not responding and it you tried to change it bios setting it will stop its working. Any operating system you installed on Asus they provide fast working without any delays.

Like dell and Apple, Sony is also fast and it can run heavy software programs with much ease then Apple and dell. If you compare prices of different types of computer brands with Sony, they have lower prices. Apple is most expensive with the same specifications and Sony gives you lower prices for the same set of specifications. You can use Acer that allows lower rates. But, Acer is not reliable and the hardware quality used in Acer is not good.

If you are a gamer and looking for a best gaming computer then Toshibas is the best option they have high graphical resolutions and quality cards that provide a smooth and fast gaming experience on the Branded Toshiba computers. If never slows down with in first 5 years of usage. One can place it in the lists of top 5 best branded computers. Go and get the world best computers of these brands.