Types Of Computer Backup

What are the types of computer backups? There are very many types of computer backup systems which ensure there is no data loss in case the storage devices are damaged or lost. A proper backup system ensures full system restoration when data is lost. There are quite a number of computer backup methods to choose from depending on the amount of data and the speed with which it can be retrieved.

These include:

Full back

These types of computer backup systems are most commonly used by computer users. It involves saving all the present data in a computer system in another storage device in case the data in the computer system is lost. These types of computer backup systems may only be dangerous if one gets access to the storage device in which the data has been stored.

The media used must be reliable, preferably rugged. For example, backing up documents in a CD may be very dangerous as it is prone to scratches and therefore retrieving data may be impossible.

Although a these types of backups have always proved to be the fastest way of restoring a computer system, achieving it takes quite a lot of time and therefore in most instances it’s not possible to do a full back up within a day. It might take weeks or at times months depending on the amount of data in a particular system. Most date is always stored in files/ folders. A full back requires a very large memory space.

Incremental backup

This type of computer backup is one of the fastest and uses small memory space as compared to the full backup. However, problem arises while doing restoration of the data which was stored. It has proved to be slow and at times unreliable especially when the initial data stored is lost resulting to discontinuity.

Differential backup

These types of computer backup is the fastest while doing system restoration. It contains data that has since changed after the full backup is done. Differential backup may also require a large memory location depending on the number of times it’s done. Restoring a system using differential back up system takes much time as compared to the full backup system however; it’s relatively faster as compared to restoring a system from the incremental backup.

Other types of computer backup are the archive backup.

Archive back is one professional way of backing up data. It keeps data of various types intact and at times when the special types are used, they can also index the data for easier accessibility and manipulation. Restoring or backing up data though this type of computer backup system is relatively faster.

Off-line and online backup system is also very important types of computer backup systems. In offline system, the device used to backup data is normally not connected to the computer system thus a surest way of being free from virus. These may include the CDs.

Online backup is one of the most professional types of computer backup services. The data is stored in a remote location thus it can be accessed through internet or any form of network.

The choice of any types of computer backup systems solely depends on their reliability and efficiency.