Types Of Computer Application

Learn about Types of Computer Application. Computer software refers to a set of instructions that are given to computers to perform specific tasks. These instructions are normally written in a particular programming language. The common types of programming languages include Java, C++ and Visual Basic. Software can be broadly classified into two: application software and system software. We are interested in the various types of computer application.

System software are programs intended to coordinate the activities and functions of various hardware and programs in the computer system. There are four major types of system software. Utility software are charged with the responsibility of doing housekeeping tasks. Firmware are those programs that are involved in the computer booting process. Networking software are used to supplement the role of the operating system to avoid conflict between two or more computers sharing the same resources.

Application software are those that perform the various tasks that are desired by the computer user. These types of computer application can be classified into two main groups: application specific and general application software. As the name suggests, the application specific types of computer application are customized to the needs of particular computer users.

Many groups of people, professionals, firms and governments have adopted the use of computer technology. It goes without saying that these groups would each have their own unique needs that may differ from the needs of the general population. It is for this reason that the application specific types of computer application arose. They are uniquely tailored and designed to meet the needs of specific clients. They are only designed when need arises. Because there are various groups of computer users, we shall look at a few common groups with their own unique types of computer application.

Enterprise management software are normally tailored to meet the needs of particular organizations. They help in managing clients, integrating financial systems and coordinating the work of managers among other functions. Simulation software is popular in the entertainment industry. Movie and television show producers use such software to develop their own unique movies and shows. Educational programs or student management systems are normally used in educational institutions to design and deliver tests to students.

The general application software are designed to come up with solutions to problems affecting a wide group of computer users. These types of computer application are normally readily available in large quantities and can be purchased over the counter. They can be placed into groups depending on their function.

Word processing programs are involved in creating quality and presentable text. A common example of such a program is Microsoft Word. Electronic spreadsheets organize figures and perform arithmetic functions in spreadsheets. Common examples of electronic spreadsheets include Quattro Pro and Microsoft Excel. Desktop publishing programs combine text and graphics to develop high quality documents. A common example of a desktop publishing document is Adobe Page Maker. Data analyzing software for example SPSS as the name suggests are involved in analyzing data. Internet browsers are used in surfing and navigating across the Interntet. Examples of Internet browsers include Mozilla, Internet Explore and Opera. These are some of the types of computer application.