Types Of Computer Antiviruses

Learn about Types of Computer Antiviruses. The importance of a computer antivirus in this day and age cannot be understated. The digital age has unleashed an era where most of our information is stored in computer systems. This vital information can end up getting destroyed or manipulated by computer viruses. A computer virus is a malicious computer program that is self replicating and can spread from one computer to another. A computer antivirus program on the other hand is a program that is designed to protect the computer from such malicious programs. There are various types of computer antiviruses.

Before setting out to purchase or acquire an antivirus, there are certain factors to consider. The environment in which the antivirus is to be used should be the first thing to consider. One could set out to acquire antivirus software for a single computer or multiple computers. Computers in any network, including those connected to the Internet are exposed to a higher risk of getting attacked by viruses. Other factors to consider include: cost, ease of upgrading and user friendliness.

Most types of computer antiviruses have free trial versions. These types of computer antiviruses can be downloaded for free with an option of purchasing additional protection components. A reliable antivirus program should allow the user to upgrade it without trouble. Some types of computer antiviruses automatically upgrade their clients’ programs once the clients connect the machines to the Internet while others require manual upgrading. A good antivirus program should be user friendly. The user interface should be straightforward. It should also not contain a plethora of requirements and pop up windows which can be extremely frustrating. Here are some of the popular types.

McAFee Virus Scan offers virus protection, internet security and spyware protection. A spyware is a malicious computer program which gathers information about an individual or organization without their knowledge. The cost for a single year’s subscription is forty dollars. It boasts of giving the user the control over what it does.

AVG is economical on computer space and therefore appealing to users who prefer less consumption of storage space by the many types of computer antiviruses. The user interface is highly interactive and well designed. It offers a free edition which can be downloaded readily from its website. The free edition only offers core virus protection. Additional features can be purchased.

Ad-Ware Pro Antivirus & Antispyware exclusively provides protection against threats from the use of Internet. It regularly changes its user interface. It also automatically downloads new upgrade files and subsequently scans the systems for clients.

Kaspersky Antivirus provides Internet protection, Trojan horse protection and spyware protection. It boasts of a simple user interface and very effective protection. It is however slows down computer systems.

Norton Antivirus offers virus and spyware protection. It is reputed for removing stubborn viruses. Its user interface is however not appealing to the eye. It retails at fifty dollars.

Other types of computer antiviruses include: VIPRE, BitDefender, ESET, Avira and Panda. One should always seek to go for quality over cost while setting to acquire them. A visit to their respective websites should shed more light to what they offer.