Types Of Computer Antivirus

What are the different types of computer antivirus? A computer virus is one of the most dangerous computer programs which infect a computer without the user’s authority. It slows down the normal computer working routines and at time leads to total loss of data stored in a computer system.

Virus can be transferred in many ways; over a network e.g. over the internet, through floppy disks, hard drives, flash disks amongst other mediums. In fact, quite a number of online users lament every day of virus infections and thus the need to create various types of computer antivirus to counter their effects. It’s also quite alarming that over the past 3yrs the number of virus available has steadily increased to over 287,523 which call for an efficient and effective antivirus.

There are very many types of computer antivirus developed by various companies. Some are offered for free while others are bought either on line or local shops however they must be activated online. These types of computer antivirus are developed in such a way that they protect the computer against these malware by detecting their presence and taking the appropriate cause of action.

There are a wide variety of various types of computer antivirus to choose from. The following are some of the antivirus programs used in most personal computers toady.


These types of computer antivirus are offered free online for the interested customers. It was first introduced some time back in 1988 and so far it has gained popularity due since its affordable besides being very effective and efficient when it comes to dealing with malware. It has both the anti-rootkit and the anti-spyware capability. Its common versions are compatible with the major operating systems widely used; the Linux and Microsoft windows.

The AVG antivirus

This yet another widely used types of computer antivirus. Over 80 million users greatly depend on these types of computer antivirus. Since it was introduced in the market, it has transformed the market especially with its unique and high performing link scanning edition. Like the Avast antivirus, it’s also compatible with Linux and Microsoft windows.

Norton antivirus

These types of computer antivirus is not used by many as one has to buy it online in most occasion although it works pretty smart just like the other types of computer antivirus. The cost of Norton antivirus depends on the version one would wish to purchase. For personal use one can pay as much as $39.99.It’s compatible with the Windows XP, Windows Vista and the Windows 7. These types of computer antivirus exist in professional, personal and business options.

McAfee Total Protection

These types of computer antivirus are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and the Windows 7. The personal version with which it comes with has 30 days free customer service which makes it more exclusive besides its high performance.

There are very many types of computer antivirus as the above list is not exhaustive. Others include the Kaspersky, Bit defender etc. They are being produced depending on the needs of the customers. Virus is the only barrier to internet services, but with the superior types of computer antivirus, these barriers will be eliminated completely.

Even though there exist quite a number of free antivirus, be warned, cheat can be very costly at times.