Types Of Common House Cats

Here are some of the types of common house cats:

Manx- This type of cat has a very short tail or none at all.Its origin is from the ‘Isle of Man.’

Tonkinese- This is one of the types of common house cats which is a cross breed betweeen Burmese and Siamese.It is usually short haired and its size is medium.

American Curl- Its ears are unusual since they curl of which its name was taken from.

Cornish Rex-This is one of the types of common house cats which can easily be distinguished since one cannot see any hair in this cat except an undercoat.

German Rex-Its size is medium and has slender legs, big ears, circular head, curled whiskers, and with short curly coat.

Japanese Bobtail- It is one of the types of common house cats with a short tail that is stubby which is like a rabbit’s tail.

Munchkin-It results through a mutation that brought about hypochondroplasia or achrondoplasia that its legs are abnormally short.

Scottish Fold-It is one of the types of common house cats that can be recognized easily through its ears since they are folded.

Bengal- Its markings resembles a wildcat’s but its temperament resembles a domesticated cat’s.

Chausie- It is a breed between a housecat and a jungle cat. Its weight can go anywhere from 15 pounds to 30 and usually the males are bigger.

American Shorthair-Its origin is from the English cats that accompanied the settlers on ships going to North America to prevent their cargoes from being attacked by rodents. Today it is the USA’s most favored breed.

British Shorthair-It resembles a stuffed toy that is why it is called ‘teddy bear’ among the house cats. Its circular head and body with its cheeks that are chubby are perfect features of somewhat like a stuffed toy.

Chartreux- It is the type of house cat which came from France. Its ancestors were the mountain cats which the crusaders carried with them to France in the 1200s.

Korat- It is the type of house cat which belongs to the oldest breeds and is considered to be a good luck.

Siam- Its origin is from Siam, now Thailand and it is called ‘Moon Diamond.’

Singapura-Its origin is from Singapore.

Sokoke- This breed was discovered on the coast of Kenya and was brought to Denmark.

Balinese- Its markings resemble a Siamese’s and it is famous for its long hair. It is a very intelligent breed.

Birman- It is an ideal companion for all generations and is quite loving. It also takes an affecionate and genuine interest in the activities of its owners.

Himalayan-Its eyes are blue and its fur is very long and fluffy. It is a breed from Persian and Siamese.

Maine Coon-It belongs to the oldest breeds in the northern part of America. It is playful and intelligent.

Siberian-This type of breed is very powerful and strong. It can jump at great lengths since it has robust hindquarters.It weighs from 10 pounds to 20.