Types Of Common Computer Printers

There are several types of common computer printers today. Each type entirely depends on the needs of a specific user. Computer documents or files are converted into hard copies through the use of printers. At some point in time most computer users need print-outs without necessarily making trips to copy centers. Having their own computer printers makes it quite convenient for them to acquire hard copies. The types of common computer printers come in various features. Below are several types which you can assess in order to purchase the one that is just right for you.

Ink Jet-Otherwise known as ‘Bubble Jet,’ is one of the types of common computer printers which is affordable and widely used for homes. It produces high quality prints compared to Dot-Matrix and prints quite fast. This type has the capacity of delivering 300 DPI and not only that but also operates quietly. Usually the Ink Jet type is compact and light weight so it saves a lot of space. This type is indeed affordable yet ink cartridges are costly thus this type costs more than a laser printer. It comes in high-end, midrange, low-end types; the first type sometimes produces unclear or blurry texts, the middle type has high quality ‘black and white’ graphics and texts, and the last type has the capacity to create a high quality color photo image. Prints come out of the printer a bit wet and thus usually needs a bit of time to completely dry unlike in the case of laser printers. Printing with the use of Ink Jet is slower than in a laser printer and suitable only for low-volume printing.

Dot Matrix– This is one of the types of common computer printers which is considered as the original type. It is outdated but is still in use today due to its easy usage and ruggedness. It is however noisy, slow and produces poor quality prints. Nevertheless it costs less and is easily maintained. It is possible to load paper rolls at one time to avoid loading each time. However this type can cause paper jams. With the use of Dot Matrix, long banners can be printed as well.

Laser Printer– Very efficient and fast, this is one of the types of common computer printers which is very expensive yet operates in an inexpensive manner. Its output is of best quality among many printer types. Repair and maintenance of a laser printer is very high, this is not the type most home users select. It comes in color or ‘black and white’ prints.

Multifunction Printer-This is one of the types of common computer printers which is known for its multitasking features. Its features consist of the most common office functions such as phoning, faxing, scanning, printing and copying all available in one machine. This printer type saves space and is convenient yet it has no known excellent feature. In spite of the lack in a certain feature, it does things pretty well. This printer type is best for business at home or in the office.