Types Of Combs

What are the different types of combs? Hair Combs are very essential commodities that one should not miss in his or her wardrobe. They are very necessary for hair grooming. In the ancient times, this very special tool was used for delousing besides removal of dandruff.

They are made of either thin or wide teeth depending on the purpose its intended for. This brings us to the very fast methods of classifying various types of combs. Very good examples are the wide tooth combs. These types of combs are mainly used while detangling hair locks. This cannot be done by combs with narrow teeth as they might break or bend.

Some combs come with both thin and wide teeth. They types of combs are mostly preferred as they are considered multipurpose types of combs. They are made in such a way that one side has the wide teeth while the other side has narrow teeth.

The fine teeth are also very useful types of combs majorly used for either styling hair or parting hair. In most cases, these types of combs come with a pointed tail which long enough to be held by hand when being used.

Other types of combs are the teasing combs which are used to pull hair gently making various styles to be achievable while grooming. They can also be used to smoothing and styling hair besides the styling combs which can also which can also perform the same task.

The picks are very useful types of combs in the wardrobe as they help in lifting hair especially while dressing or applying various types of ointment. They can are also used to do the hair styling and parting.

Other than the kind of jobs these various types of combs can do, they can also be classified according to the kind of materials they are made of.

Combs can be made from plastics, bones, metal, horns, wood etc. Depending on the kind of material a comb is made from, it will always come with an equivalent cost. For instance, a plastic comb and a metallic comb of the same size and type will be cheaper compared to the metallic comb.

Plastic comb

They are widely used types of combs since they are cheap and water resistant. They might break if not properly handled. Combs made from bones are also inexpensive but are of better quality than the plastic combs. The other types of combs are the metallic combs are durable, water-resistant and very smooth to use. The wood combs/ natural combs are not water-resistant and can easily break if not properly handled. Combs made from horns are some of the most expensive combs in the market. These types of combs are made from keratin and animal bones. Just like the wood combs, they are not water resistant.

These are just a few types of combs although there are very many ways in which combs can be classified for instance, they can be classified as water resistant or non-water resistant combs.