Types Of Coffee

What are the different types of coffee? Coffee is a drink loved by the whole world. There are different types of coffee that each person can appreciate. There are actually two categories of the types of coffee. The first categories are the types of coffee according to origin. The second ones are the types of coffee according to preparation.

As the name implies, the coffee types according to their origin are the different coffee types that are from the different parts of the world. These are subdivided into many categories including the American coffees, Arabic coffee, African coffee, Asian coffee and many others. The American coffees are types of coffee that are from the areas of the Caribbean and Brazil. The most common of the American coffee are the Columbian coffee, Brazilian coffee, Jamaican coffee, and many others. The Colombian coffee has a strong aroma and bitter taste. This is actually considered as one of the best tasting coffees of the world. Brazilian coffee, on the other hand, has a mild and sweet flavor. As Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee, there are many different variations of the Brazilian coffee alone. The Jamaican coffee is bitter and sweet at the same time. Also, they are known to be aromatic and smooth.

The Arabic types of coffee are high quality. They are known to be very expensive too. The African coffee, however, are those that come from the tropical part of Africa. The Ethiopian coffee is an example of this. These coffee types are known to be acidic and fruity at the same time. Also, they are known to be very affordable compared to the others. The Asian coffee is known for its acidity and strong flavor. Examples of Asian coffee include the Sumatran coffee and the java coffee.

The second types of coffee, the coffee according to preparation, are of a wide variety as well. The most common of these types of coffee is the espresso. This is a type of black coffee that is prepared by pressure. It requires high temperature and lots of pressure to ensure that it has the distinct espresso taste. White coffees are types of coffee that are mostly composed of milk. The mixture of this is two thirds milk and just one third part of espresso. Mocha coffees are coffee that is a combination of milk, chocolate, and espresso. Each of these three is of equal parts. American coffee, on the other hand, is coffee that is mixed with lots of water. While cappuccino is coffee that is a combination of milk, espresso, and milk foam. Coffee chocolate, alternatively, is a small cup of coffee that has two thirds part coffee and one part condensed milk. And the affogato coffee is the black coffee that is added with vanilla ice cream.

Lastly, we have the drip coffee. These are types of coffee that are made via a drip machine. Drip machines are another term used to call coffee makers. Here, coffee beans will be placed on a paper filter and all you have to do is to wait for the coffee to drip.