Types Of Cheese

What are the different types of cheese? Cheese is a milk based food. They are many types of cheese. They differ in taste, texture, as well as in forms. Cheese is mainly made by coagulation of milk proteins by acidification. The most common sources of cheese are cows, goats, sheep, and buffalo.

The first of the many types of cheese is the soft cheese. These include the brie, feta, and the camembert cheeses. They are cheeses that do not undergo pressing and heating to make. They are made by the help of penicilium fungus. These soft cheeses are cheeses that are not commonly used in cooking but they are mostly used as spread on crackers and breads. If you are to eat cheese with wine, it is best to eat them with young wines like the Bordeaux and Beaujolais.

Another one of the common types of cheese are semisoft cheeses. Examples of semisoft cheeses are Munster, Gouda, and Port Salut. Much like the soft cheeses, these types of cheese do not undergo pressure and heat as well. The rind that is used to make these cheeses is brushed with salted water solution that is well enriched with secret bacteria that makes the orange fungi to appear. These are the types of cheese that are best eaten as snacks and deserts. When you want to eat these cheese with wine, it is best that you eat them with red Bordeaux and white cotes du rhone.

The next types of cheeses are the hard cheeses. These are cheese that has water content that is lower than that of soft cheeses. Common examples of hard cheeses are aged manchego, parmesan, pecorino tuscano, and mimollete. These cheeses are firmly pressed. They can be stored for pretty much long periods of time. This is how they get their hard texture as well as the pungent smell. The most common wines that these cheeses are paired with are red wines.

Blue cheeses are types of cheeses that are made by immunizing them with skewers that are fine and long. These skewers contain cultures of penicilium that makes mold develop in them. These then turns to the blue or green veins you see in the cheese. These cheeses are best paired with sweet wines such as loupiac or port.

Next, we have goat cheese. Goat’s cheeses are types of cheeses that are, well, made out of goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is known to have different texture and taste, depending on the process that it is made. There are even some goat’s milk cheeses that are rolled over herbs or even charcoal covered. These cheeses are best paired with Chablis or Pouilly.

Lastly, we have fresh cheeses. These are cheeses that are fresh. They contain about 80% water and there is no ageing methods done in the process they are made. A common example of fresh chesses is mozzarella. They are obtained through kneading. The curd is then stretched until the consistency that the maker wants is achieved. Another common example of fresh cheese is cottage cheese.