Types Of Cell Membranes

Being part of the human body, it is vital that we all know the many types of cell membranes. These are basically the parts of the body that separates the cells from the rest of it. There are different types of cell membranes that you should understand in order to make sure that you can keep your body healthy and your cells functioning right at all times.

Lipids are types of cell membranes. There are actually three lipids that compose the cell membrane. These three are the phospholipids, sterols, and glycolipids. The main purpose of these types of cell membranes can differ depending on the cells that they are in. There are basically the types of cell membranes that contain fats and other vitamins that are soluble in fat. These vitamins include vitamins A, D, E and K. They are known to be enclosed by something called a bilayer. They are there to make sure that the cells do not dry up and are protected by these lipids.

Sarcolemmas are types of cell membranes that are consisted of plasma membrane. These types of cell membranes contract to bring collagens and other proteins to the muscle. They are basically the ones that serve as barrier to the compartments of the cell membranes, both the extracellular and the intracellular ones.

The axolemma are types of cell membranes that surround the axon. The axon is the nerve fibres that are seen in the tissue and the molecules. There are axons seen in the cells as well. Going back, the axolemma are the types of cell membranes that make sure that the neurons of the body are able to maintain their membrane potential. These types of cell membranes are composed of channels too. These ion channels are the passages that allow ions to flow all over the body. When this happens, there will be a voltage inside the axon and there can be changes to happen in the cell membrane. Two things can happen here, either the membrane will undergo depolarization or they will undergo a hyperpolarization. Depolarization is the change that happens when the membrane potential of the cell membrane is positive. On the other hand, hyperpolarization occurs when there is more negative charges found in the axon rather than positive ones.

The human body is a complicated matter. It is something that not many know and understand. The types of cell membranes are part of it and they are one of the most underrated parts of the body as they are so miniscule that they are barely seen and noticed. However, to make sure that you will always be in tip top shape, make sure that you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Sleep well too and sleep at night. The body’s way of recharging itself if sleeping and this is why it is very important that you are able to sleep well. This way, your body can recharge and regenerate the cells that got damaged during the long and hard day’s work.