Types Of Cataracts

Cataract is basically a clouding portion of the lens in the eye. It results in decreasing the vision of an individual. Types of cataracts are there and it is one of the most common causes of blindness. It can be treated by the surgery only. Any kind of cataract results in decreasing the vision. The type of a cataract is identified by examining that it is developing in which part of the eye. Basically, the most common types of cataracts can be categorized into three divisions. These three divisions are the most common type of division and develop due to aging process. It is so because as the age increases the lens start breaking down some of the protein fibers and cluster together which result in the clouding of a lens. Besides, there are four types of cataracts identified in the lens which are not because of any aging process. They relate to the factors like climatic and environmental conditions, any health related issue, but in the both the cases the results are the same and a cloud start developing in front of the lens.

Some of the cataracts are Nuclear, Sub-Capsular, Cortical Cataract.

Nuclear Cataract is the one which develops in the lens’s center. In the beginning of the formation of this type of cataract the vision of an individual becomes better and later he/she comes to know about the problem. It starts to discolor and turned to yellow color which decreases the necessary amount of light which is required to pass through the retina which results in the formation of a heavy and thick cloud. It also makes tough for an individual to discriminate between different colors.

Then Cortical Cataract develops in the external area of the lens and then grows gradually. It covers the lens completely which results in making the eyes week that an individual is not able to open them in a glare of light even.

The place for the development of the Sub-Capsular Cataract is below or underneath the lens. It makes it difficult to read and also makes it tough to have a clear vision in the bright lights. In the night especially the individual experiences the halo type of images around the things they see.

There are four more types of cataracts which are also not related to the aging process and they come under the list of secondary cataracts. They can be developed when an individual is undergoing any kind of eye surgery because of any other eye problem like glaucoma, any kind of environmental problem like direct exposure to the sunlight (direct contact with the harmful UV-Rays), contact with any kind of harsh chemical substance, or some health related issues especially diabetes.

These were some types of cataracts which are specified as the most common types of cataract. While reading, a reader must have got the knowledge that direct contact with naked eyes with the sunlight is highly fatal. The UV-Rays damage the eyes and that is why; wearing shades is always recommended. A healthy diet also helps an individual a lot in order to have a good vision.