Types Of Canine Tumors

It may be shocking for some of the individuals that dogs especially the canines can also have a tumor. There are several types of canine tumors exist which can also result in the death of the dogs. It is one of the major reasons of the death especially for a ten year old canine. In fact, every forth canine suffers from this disease. This forth dog could be anyone and knowing that the dog cancer also exists in this world is not just enough. It is very important to have a deeper knowledge regarding the matter. The basic problem with the individuals is that they think they feed their dog in the best possible way and doing the perfect care, then; how they can suffer from such a disease. They just can’t get diseased. This is one of other major issues which associated with any or all the types of canine tumors. This dog could be anyone and as it is mentioned that every forth dog is suffering from such a problem then there is a high risk that yours is the forth one.

Just to know about the canine tumor is not important, as there are many types of canine tumors it is important to have some knowledge about all of them. You must be thinking that why it is so important. Well, the simple answer is that if you are aware of the problem then it would be easier for you to seek the solution. Because they are of several types, the way of treating them would also be different. If an individual gets to know about the symptoms of this disease then it can be caught in the initial stage and can be treated well.

One of the types of canine tumors or cancer is known as the neoplasia. More than fifty percent tumors are related to the skin. This is one of the most common types of canine tumors. Another one is the abdominal cancer. It usually causes diarrhea, weight loss, and vomiting. A swollen abdomen is the initial stage of such type of cancer. Not only women but the dogs (bitches) suffer from breast cancer. More than 20% of them suffer from this cancer. A six month female dog generally gets caught by this type of problem. The symptom is that the mammary gland starts swelling up.

Testicular cancer is another one. It is the case with the unneutered ones. Lymphoma is another form of cancer. It affects the immunity system and the symptoms are lack of appetite, lethargic condition, and swollen lymph nodes. Osteosarcoma is also the cancer which is related to bones. Mostly the large sized dogs get caught by it. In this the dogs have to suffer from an unbearable pain.

These were some of the most common types of canine tumors which an individual must know about. If you love your dog and take care of it then also take care of its health. It is easy to love a dog but taking an appropriate care of it is just not the cup of tea for everyone.