Types Of Cancer Tests

Cancer should not be taken lightly and this is why we have to learn what the types of cancer tests are. You see, most cancers will only show themselves when they are already at their latter stages. Unfortunately, when the cancer is at this stage it will be really hard to cure it. This is what the types of cancer tests are for. This is to be able to determine cancer tumors before they get worse.

Biopsy is one of the most common types of cancer tests. Here, a small amount of tissue is taken from the person who is undergoing the test. This tissue will them go under the microscope. There are many different kinds of types of cancer tests. There are many kinds of cancer too. But biopsy is known to be one of the most used types of cancer tests today.

Fine needle aspiration biopsy is among the types of cancer tests that use a hollow and thin needle that is attached to a small syringe. This will be the tool used to get the small amount of tissue from the area that is suspected of having cancer.

Core needle biopsies are types of cancer tests wherein the needle used to get the tissue is larger. The tip of the needle is designed to get a cylinder part of the tissue. This is used by more doctors as this method will give them a bigger part of the tissue compared to the fine needle ones.

Vacuum assisted biopsies are types of cancer tests wherein vacuum pressure is used to suck the part of the tissue that will be collected. Again, a hollow needle will be used here. In this method, the doctor will be able to get more samples from the person and hence there will be more tissues for them to examine.

Xrays can also help in looking for cancer. There are tumors that show themselves in xrays but not all of them will. In these cases, other imagine devices will be used. MRIs are yet another very common types of cancer tests. Here, magnetic fields are used to produce images of the body. To get a clearer picture, there will be a contrast medium to be injected to the patient.

Bone scans are also types of cancer tests. Here, a radioactive tracer is going to be used to look inside the bone areas. The tracer will be injected to the vein of the patient and will collect data to show their special camera. If the bone is healthy, the bone will be gray. If there is cancer involved, the bone will be darker.

A CT scan is also a very effective way to take a picture inside the human body. Here a 3D picture will be shown and any abnormal parts of the body, such as tumors, will show in these pictures. Much like in the bone scans and the MRIs, there are also contrast mediums injected to the patient so that the CT scan can come up with clearer photos.