Types Of Cancer Smoking Causes

There are a number of reasons due to which we are discouraged from smoking today and apart from the fact that it becomes a habit and addiction, this is also because of the numerous types of cancer smoking causes. Smoking is not something that should be taken lightly. According to research (and practical observations) it has an effect upon numerous functions of the body and is known to cause other diseases such as tuberculosis, emphysema and such like. Cancer is one of the most common diseases that people suffer from due to smoking and there are so many types of cancer smoking causes.

The most common of all types of cancer smoking causes is lung cancer. Lung cancer occurs when the cells of the lungs multiply and eventually spread out from a certain point. It is believed that though smoking causes such cancer, even second-hand smoking could lead to lung cancer. Though a smoker smokes and then, exhales the smoke, in a non-smoker’s case the smoke is inhaled and not exhaled because of which this can have an effect upon his/her lungs and increase the chances of getting lung cancer. 80-90% lung cancer cases occur due to smoking.

Pancreatic cancer is rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous types of cancer smoking causes. More and more cases of pancreatic cancer are seen on a daily basis and it has claimed the lives of countless men and women. It is extremely difficult to combat the disease because one usually does not realize that they have pancreatic cancer until it has spread into other parts of the body. The pancreas produces juices that are responsible for digestion. This also causes weight problems, along with cancer and since one does not know when he/she gets affected by this cancer, it is important to get tests done.

Of the countless types of cancer smoking causes, another common type of cancer is prostate cancer. It is believed that tar could cause the cells of the prostate gland to multiply thus causing it to become enlarged in, both, men and women. Similarly it is also believed that smoking could cause breast cancer in women. Though a person would have higher chances of getting breast cancer if it were in her genes, a woman who smokes could get it, too. A woman may even get ovarian cancer due to smoking.

There are so many types of cancer smoking causes and usually some of these cancers may develop due to genetics some people may get them due to smoking. Not all cancers occur due to smoking but it is known that smoking could lead to and cause all sorts of cancers regardless of whether or not you are genetically inclined to get them. Any of the various types of cancer smoking causes could occur at any point and the chances of a chain smoker developing one of these types of cancer is much higher. These are just some types of cancer smoking causes and there are so many others out there!