Types Of Cancer Most Common

Cancer is getting more widespread every second and the types of cancer most common to human are getting more attention. They should be, really. Getting cancer tumors in your body is a serious matter and being able to get to know the types of cancer most common to us will give you a heads up about which things you should do and which ones you should avoid to not get cancer as much as possible.

Skin cancers are among the types of cancer most common in human. You see, there are two kinds of skin cancer and both of them are getting more severe. In 2012, there are more than 2,000,000 new cases of the non-melanoma skin cancer. On the other hand, there are 76,250 new cases of melanoma skin cancers to date.

There are 226,160 new cases of lung cancer in 2012. These are the next types of cancer most common to human. The mortality of lung cancer has reached a new high too as 28% of the people who get diagnosed with lung cancer dies. The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking, and hence people should learn to stop smoking and stay away from people who smoke to make sure that they are able to do their part in avoiding getting lung cancer.

In the US alone, 1 in every 6 men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 2013, prostate cancers are types of cancer most common in human with 238,590 new cases. In those numbers, there are 29,720 deaths. Cancer at their latter stages cannot be cured. But if they are seen earlier, then chances are there will be treatment given to you so that the growth of the cancer cells will either be stopped or killed.

Breast cancers are the types of cancer most common in women. There are 226,870 new cases of breast cancer in women in 2012. In 2013, there are 232,340 new cases and it isn’t even the end of the year yet. Out of all the diagnosed women, 39,620 of them died already. This is what makes breast cancer the second types of cancer most common to human.

Colorectal cancers are becoming more common to humans too. There are actually 103,170 new cases of colon cancer in 2012 and there are 142,820 new cases in 2013. Colorectal cancers are the third types of cancer most common to both men and women. 9% of these numbers are expected to turn into deaths.

Cancer is cancer. It is very important that you look for ways to avoid getting them in your body. But sometimes, it can be inevitable as genetics play an important part in the cancer cell development. Just make sure that you are able to attend your annual checkups so that if there are anything suspicious in your body, medical professionals will see it right away. When they are able to do that, then you can get the best treatment and make sure that the cancer cells do not multiply and grow.