Types Of Cancer Lymphoma

Any forms of cancer are dangerous and this is why you must understand the types of cancer lymphoma. Lymphoma is defined as the cancer that is affecting the tissues, blood vessels and organs of the body. They affect the immune system too which can cause a lot more serious health issues. Getting to know the types of cancer lymphoma will allow you to do something about it. You see, these types of cancer lymphoma are treatable if you are able to get help right away.

HL or Hodgkin Lymphoma pertains to the types of cancer lymphoma that can occur everywhere in the body. As long as there are lymphocytes, these can be found. These types of cancer lymphoma begin when a certain cell is present in the blood, the Reed Sternberg Cell. This is basically a cell that does not have any uses in the body. They do not protect it from infections whatsoever. They are where these types of cancer lymphoma form. They even are the ones that attract inflammatory cells. The best thing about the HL types of cancer lymphoma is that it is highly treatable. As in up to 80% of the HL cases have been treated already. The treatment for these types of cancer lymphoma include radiation therapy and of course, chemotherapy. But if the patient is not cured with these two, a bone marrow transplant can be done.

NHL, on the other hand, or the Non Hodgkin Lymphomas are the types of cancer lymphoma that has quite a variety. You see, these are different lymphomas that each has cancer cells. There are some that are slow growing but there are some that are fast. There are some that are malignant and there are others that are not. Treatment for these would depend on the cancer cells that are present and affecting the body. However, the default cancer treatment chemotherapy is always an option. There are others who take radiation therapy too as well as immune therapy. There are even some who want to make sure so they choose to get all three treatment therapies.

The cause of these types of cancer lymphoma is yet to be pinpointed. But there are many different risk factors that have been given that are seen to be present in the people who suffer from these cancer types. HL affects mostly young males that have been infected with a virus called Epstein Barr. They mostly have relatives that suffer from the same cancer type too. NHL, on the other hand, affects old white males who have had any or many of these conditions: immune disorders, HIV, infection called Helicobacter pylori, and other autoimmune ailments, and past HL among others. If the person has had an organ transplant, exposed to pesticides, and have a diet that contains high levels of fat and meat, then the possibility of him getting this cancer type can be bigger too.

Well, HL or NHL, if you feel something weird and see swollen lymph nodes in your body then make sure that you consult with your doctor right away.