Types Of Cancer In The Uterus

There are mainly three different types of cancer in the uterus: uterine zarcomas, endometrical cancer, and cervical cancer. They are explained below.

* Uterine sarcomas: This is one of the types of cancer in the uterus that directly affects the muscular uterus layer. They are painful tumors that result from the connective tissue or smooth muscle of the uterus. They can be subdivided into: carcinocarcomas, endostrial stromal sarcomas, and leiomyosarcomas. A carcinosarcomas can either be malignant sarcomatous or malignant epithelial. On the other hand, a leimypsarcoma is one of the types of cancer in the uterus that affects the muscle cells of the uterine, while the endometrical sarcoma mainly affects the stroma of the uterus walls.

* Endometrial cancer: The endometrial cancer is one of the types of cancer in the uterus that affects the glands of the uterine lining. They can either be easily treated and less evasive or more aggressive. The readily treatable endometrial gland is known as the endometrioid adenocarcinoma while the more severe ones are clear cell carcinoma of the uterus and the papillary carcinoma of the uterus.

Endometrial cancer as one of the types of cancer in the uterus is the most common gynecological cancer in developing nations with more than 140,000 women diagnosed every year. This cancer occurs most frequently in women who are getting advanced in age. It is also noted that endometrial cancer is among the types of cancer of the uterus with a high rate of death occurrence. In fact, it is ranked third in terms of death rate among the gynecologic cancer classifications. The best way to treat this type of cancer is the total removal of the uterus through surgery.

The endometrial cancer is sometimes called the uterine cancer, though there are other kinds of cancers that can arise from the endocrine as well as other tissues of the uterus, including the trophoblasti, carcoma of myommetrium, and the cervical cancer.

* Cervical cancer: The cervical cancer is one of the types of cancer in the uterus that occurs between the upper side of the vagina and the lower part of the uterus. One of the noticeable symptoms of this type of cancer is extreme bleeding in the vagina.

* Endometrial stromal sarcoma is one of the types of cancer in the uterus that arises from the connective endometrium tissues. They are not as popular as the endometrial carcinomas but are equally deadly.

The endometrial stromal sarcoma mainly affects women who have already experienced menopause in their life circle. Some symptoms are common among patients with this type of cancer, but it may differ from individual to individual. One of the most pronounced symptoms is the irregular bleeding experienced by patients even after their menopausal stage. However, an excessive bleeding during the period of menopause can equally be the result of this type of cancer. Other symptoms include excessive pain during intercourse, difficult and painful urination, abnormal weight loss, lower abdominal pain, and non-bloody virginal discharge. It is very important that women are aware of these types of cancer in the uterus so that they can be easily noticed when it occurs. Just like other types of cancer, it is very important to discover it very early so that diagnosis and proper treatment will be given before it becomes too unbearable.