Types Of Cancer From Tobacco

A lot of people can only think of lung cancer when asked about the types of cancer from tobacco. But in truth, there are several other cancer diseases that one can be inflicted with as a result of tobacco smoking. This article is dedicated to providing information on the different cancer types that can result from tobacco smoking. It has been well established that the continuous indulgence in tobacco smoking can heighten the risk of contacting cancers such as lung cancers, myeloid leukemia, cancer of the cervix, kidney, liver, stomach, esophagus, nasal sinuses, nasal cavities, and lots more. Let’s begin with lung cancer.

Lung cancer

This is the most common of all types of cancer from tobacco and its death rate is more widespread. It is observed that tobacco smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer as 90% of all lung cancer cases are a result of smoking. The risk of having lung cancer increases proportionately with the number of cigarettes taken and the period of smoking. When one stops to smoke, it reduces the chances of getting lung cancer to a considerable extent. Those that didn’t smoke for long periods and stopped at young age are more likely to reduce the risk.

Cancer of the urinary tract

The urinary tract is made up of kidneys, ureter, and the bladder. These types of cancer from tobacco are equally common but not as common as the lung cancer. The risk of having a urinary tract cancer equally depends on the length of time the individual smoked and how many cigarette sticks he smokes during that period.

Cancer of the Oral Cavity

This is cancer of the mouth which is less common than other types of cancer from tobacco. The risk of getting cancer of the cavity is increased when one combines alcohol with smoking or when one puffs smokeless tobacco. Also, the risk of having cancer of the cavity through smoking will decrease considerable when the individual stops smoking.

Cancer of the nose (Nasal Cavity): The risk of sinonasal cancer can be heightened among cigarette smokers. Also, there are a lot of studies that indicated that constant smoking increase the likelihood of these types of cancer from tobacco.

Laryngeal cancer: There is equally ha high chance of having this type of cancer after a prolonged smoking habit. Also, smokers that are equally alcoholics have a higher risk of laryngeal cancer.

Cancer of the Pharynx (hypopharynx, oropharynx and nasopharynx): The risk of cancer in the pharynx increases with cigarette smoking, depending on duration and number of cigarettes smoked.

Cancer of the Oesophagus: These types of cancer from tobacco are equally common men and women. And the risk of contacting oesophagus cancer is increased when it is mixed with alcohol and when using smokeless tobacco.

Liver Cancer: Among all types of cancer from tobacco, the liver cancer is the most difficult to control, and those that smoke regularly have higher risks of contacting liver cancer.

Stomach tumors: There is good evidence that suggest that smokers are liable to have stomach tumors and the risk is increased in proportionate with the number of cigarette sticks consumed and the duration of smoking.