Types Of Cancer For Guys

When it comes to cancer there are different types of cancers which occur in both genders- brain tumors, cancer of the spine, blood cancer and such like but then there are particular types of cancer for guys and particular types of cancer for women. This is because the both of them have various body parts- reproductive organs to be more particular- which can be affected by cancer, depending upon the circumstances and situation. When it comes to guys there are different types of cancer- penile cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer are examples of these.

The prostate gland tends to become enlarged as men grow older, in some cases, due to a poor diet or other circumstances. This enlargement of the prostate itself is due to multiplication of the cells of the gland which shows when the gland grows to an abnormal size. In such situations it is necessary to remove the organ so that it does not spread to other parts of the body. In this case, surgery has to be carried out to remove the organ. However, this is usually the case if and when the cancer cells have reached a point where they cannot be contained. If it is felt that the cancer cells can be contained and eradicated no steps need to be taken to remove the organ as such. These types of cancer for guys can be dealt with easily.

Another of the many types of cancer for guys is testicular cancer. Testicular cancer occurs due to multiplication of the cells in the testicular region. Usually men complain about bumps in the testicle. In some cases these may be ordinary bumps that would subside on their own while in other cases it could be because of cancer. Again, as was mentioned in the previous case, in this case the testicles would have to be removed to prevent the cancer from spreading unless it is felt the cancer can be contained.

One of the increasing types of cancer for guys is colon cancer. This is usually due to a poor diet, involvement in drugs and the consumption of too much alcohol. Mostly it also happens because of genetics. Like prostate and testicular cancer, the colon would be operated upon in order to get rid of the cancer unless it can be contained.

Another one of the most common types of cancer for guys is lung cancer. Though men and women, both, have lungs, a large portion of the male population is involved in smoking. While many women smoke, too, more and more men are getting lung cancer due to smoking and the disease almost always spreads throughout the body causing death.

Finally, the most uncommon, but existent nevertheless, types of cancer for guys is penile cancer. Though a small population does tend to get affected by penile cancer, it does exist and this would require the removal of the penis via surgery or else it could spread to other reproductive organs and cause death as well.