Types Of Cancer For Dogs

Just like humans, cancer equally affects dogs and there are several types of cancer for dogs. They are affected by the same cancer types that affect human beings. And cancer is no doubt one of the most common causes of deaths in dogs. The most common types of cancer for dogs include hemangiosarcoma, mammary neoplasia, oral melanoma, , mast cell tumors, and soft tissue sarcoma.


Lymphosarcoma or Lymphoma is used to refer to the different types of cancer for dogs that affect the lymph tissues. ?It is the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer for dogs. Though aggressive, they can be managed properly when diagnosed early. Lymphoma usually affects the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, and other related organs. When early treatment is not administered, it may expand and involve the bone marrow.


These types of cancer for dogs usually involve irregular bone production, most notably at the long bones of large breed dogs. Osteosarcoma can equally affect other part of the skeletal system. They occur mostly at the middle life stage of dogs and very aggressive. The most common symptom is the presence of a swelling at the affected part of the bone. This tumor can be removed but the most common treatment method is through amputation.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

These types of cancer for dogs usually affect the connective tissues and are grouped together due to their recommended treatment and similar behavior.

They include

• fibrosarcoma

• hemangiopericytoma,

• leiomyosarcoma

• liposarcoma

• lymphangiosarcoma

• malignant fibrous histiocytoma

• malignant schwannoma

• myxosarcoma

• nerve sheath tumor

• neurofibrosarcoma

• rhabdomyosarcoma

• synovial cell sarcoma

They are usually seen in middle aged dogs and are effectively treated through surgery.


These are highly metastatic and malignant types of cancer for dogs which arise from cells at the blood vessels. They mostly affect middle aged dogs and commonly occur at the skin, liver, heart, and spleen. They can also affect other parts of the body. The most widely used method of diagnosing this dog disease is through surgical biopsy which is done to prolong the lifespan of the affected dog.

Oral Cancer

These types of cancer for dogs occur at the throat and mouth. They include epulides, squamous cell carcinoma, fibrosarcoma, and malignant melanoma. Radiographical studies, radiation, biobsy, and surgical treatments are the most common forms of treatment for these types of cancer for dogs.

Mammary Cancer

These are the most common types of cancer affecting female dogs. 5 in every 10 cases of female dog cancers are reported to be breast cancers. This triples the rate of cancer infection in humans. They are more common in German shepherds, pointers, English springer spaniels, and miniature and toy poodles. They have a high rate of occurrence on bitches that are high on red meat diets and obese bitches. These types of types of cancer for dogs are caused by the irregular production of mammary hormones as the female dogs mature to their heat cycles. Chemotherapy is one of the most common forms of treatments for mammary cancer in dogs. Surgical excision is equally recommended.