Types Of Cancer Cells

Even though growth of body cells is an expected phenomenon, their abnormal growth has been a great concern to most research institutions which spend most of their resources on the most challenging journey to finds a cure for the deadly disease; cancer. Various types of cancers are named depending on the various regions where they occur. For instance, cancers which affect ones breast will be referred to as breast cancer. Studies have revealed that there are various types of cancer cells which exist in various body parts and these include:

The carcinoma cells

These are the most common types of cancer cells since they begin from the epithelial cells which contribute about 85% in human body cells. These types of cancer cells are given names depending on the type of the epithelial cells which forms a basis for their origin. For instance, squamous are flat in nature and found on the tissue surface. They give rise to types of cancer cells called squamous cell carcinoma. These types of cancer cells are also found along various body glands. These cells are referred to as the adenocarcinoma. Since epithelial cells are found in most parts of the body, this cancer is very rampant in most body parts

The sarcoma cancer cells

This types of cancer cells forms about 1% of the cancers encountered by most patients. They are most common in the connective tissues especially at the joints. They occur in cartilage, fibrous tissue, tendons amongst others. Just like other types of cancer cells, these types of cancer cells are also given names depending on the types of tissues which have proved to be vulnerable to this type of cancer cells. Bone are prone to the osteosarcoma in the other types of connective tissue, the soft tissue sarcoma is the most common type of cancer cells.


Blood constitute to about 9.5% of cancer deaths according to the recent findings. There are two types of leukemia which include the myelogenous and the lymphocytic. These types of cancer cell are normally formed in the blood system. Myelogenous occurs in the bone marrow – a region in which the red blood cells, some platelets and white cells are formed. On the other hand, the lymphocytic hinders the production of specific white blood cells there by resulting to undesired performance of the white blood cells. White blood cells play a very significant role in protecting the body from various types of infections


These types of cancer cells constitute to about 7% of blood cancer. Lymph system is very vulnerable to this type of blood cancer. It is one of the most common types of blood cancers.

The glioma

Just as the name suggests, these types of cancer cells are found I the glial cells. Glial cells are found in the brain and therefore, this type of cancer affects the brain. It is sometimes referred to as the brain tumor. It should be noted that cancer isn’t selective; it can develop in any cell including the transitional cells such as the transitional cell bladder cancer.