Types Of Cancer By Percentage

Being able to have information about the types of cancer by percentage can help anyone evaluate if they are at risk of getting the dreaded disease. Also, being able to understand the types of cancer by percentage can let medical professionals see whether or not the numbers of cancer casualties are rising. This being said, let us get to know each of the types of cancer by percentage and be able to see for ourselves how the information can help us out.

On the top of the list of types of cancer by percentage is prostate cancer. At present, prostate cancer is the most common of all types. Basically, prostate cancer is the cancer that is formed in the tissues of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is the main gland of the male reproductive system and it is found in front of the rectum and below the bladder. In 2013, there are already 258,590 new cases of prostate cancer, most of which are older men. But the thing about prostate cancer is that even when the number of cases is high, the mortality rate is not as there are only 29,720 deaths in 2013.

The second types of cancer by percentage are breast cancers. If the prostate cancer is found in men, breast cancers are mostly found in women. However, don’t get deceived as there are still men who get the disease. As the name implies, these are the cancer cells that affects the tissues found in the breast. There are many kinds of breast cancer too, and the most common one is called ductal carcinoma wherein the cancer is seen somewhere in the milk ducts lining. Lobular carcinomas, on the other hand, are breast cancers which begin in the milk glands of the breast. In 2013, there are 232,340 new cases of breast cancer in females and 2,240 cases in males. As for the mortality rate, the breast cancers have slightly higher numbers, 39,620 in females and 410 in males.

The third types of cancer by percentage are the lung cancers. Here, the cancer cells are found forming in the tissues that are in the lungs. Most of the time, these are the cancers that are found in the linings of the air passages. This very common types of cancer by percentage has two main types too, the non-small cell lung cancers and the small cell ones. The classification of these lung cancers are determined on how the cancers will look like when they are viewed under a microscope. In 2013, there are 228,190 cases of lung cancers. Among the three types of cancer by percentage mentioned here, this has the most number of deaths with 159,480.

Always remember that there are many different kinds of cancers and they are all very dangerous. This only means that you should try your best to avoid getting them. But given that cancers can also be brought by genetics, just make sure that you take cancer screenings as much as possible so as to ensure that you will be able to have it treated right away – if the unfortunate happens.