Types Of Cakes

Learn about Types Of Cakes. Ancient Egypt was the first culture that has left evidence of a true passion for cooking. Egyptians invented and developed secure methods of cookery and the first forms of ovens, in which they prepare all kind of bread. Many types of cakes were sweetened with honey and eaten as dessert items.

Greeks had a lot of types of cakes, but the most appreciated cake was a type of tube cake and cheese sweetened with honey and walnuts crushed, called ‘plakous’.

Romanians have created the first forms of the cake with raisins and nuts, or other dried fruit.

At the beginning, there were only two types of cakes called ‘libum’, and ‘placenta’. ‘Libum tube cake’ was a little cake, which is used only as an offering to the gods. Later versions appeared more that were consumed by humans.

In the middle Ages, European bakers cooked often cooked these types of cakes called pound cakes with dried fruit because they kept a much longer time. Of course, the cake was not as fluffy.

Loaves instead of . Bread, the controversial queen of France, Marie Antoinette, remained in public memory by the phrase ‘If they don’t have bread, eat loaves’. At the time when these words were spoken, in France it was hungry and childish irony of queen has not been welcome.

These types of cake invented by Popellini , chef at the court of Catherine de Medicis, which at that time (1540)was doing small choux with irregular shape, known as the ‘poupelins’, filled with a sort of pulp of the fruit.

Long dough called ‘pate of Chaud’ because cooking technique involving hot work, and from here to the ‘pate a choux’ was not much, just a distorted pronunciation of the name!

In the XVIII century, Jean Avice is the one who will easy change the recipe, but what do we eat today under the name of the Choux to cr