Types Of Cables For Computers

The types of cables for computers can be confusing for the lay people to know. To remove the confusion, it is necessary to understand different kinds of cables available for your computer. This content will assist you in understanding the basic concept of each and every cable.

VGA is a kind of analog format for video that was created in late of 1980. This is the standard method for making and connection computer with projector or LCD. The cable consists of 15 pins arranged in three rows. Each of the rows gives three different video channels i.e. red, green and blue.

Types of cables for computers keep on advancing with the passage of time. The DVI is the successor of VGA cable digitally. This kind of cable is available in single, dual and many other formats. Each format is represented with the help of a certain kind of pin. Flat pin on one side of the cable will help to differentiate if the cable is digital or analog.

Today is the world of high definition pictures. Types of cables for computers include the HDMI that is used for transferring the high definition data from one place to another. They are available for four different kinds of connectors that help in making them connected with desired device easily. The primary purpose of this cable could be to attach your laptop or computer with the TV screens. They could also be used for attaching digital cameras or camcorders.

USB is one of the most commonly among types of cables for computers. Universal Serial Bus is the mostly used cable that could help to transfer the data from one computer to another. It is coming to connect mouse, keyboards, modems, memory sticks and lots of other devices. USBs can be connected with each and every kind of system. They don’t cause many complexities in getting connected with more devices.

Firewire is another method for transferring of data. It is best among types of cables for computers as compared to the USBs. This kind of cable is used on professional and up grade levels. The single FireWire port is able to connect maximum of 63 devices. You can say that it is basically used for making the things ready in a perfect way.

RJ 45 is mostly also known as Ethernet cable. They are commonly used as straight through cable or crossover cable. It is mostly used for connecting the computers or different networks with each other. Crossover kind of Ethernet cable is used for directly connecting two computers with each other.

Parallel ATA are the cables that are used for connecting different kinds of things within your computer such as hard disks, drives and optical drives to the motherboard of computer. It is needed for providing the best things to the people. The parallel ATA cable is used for connecting two or three connectors with each other. These were some main types of cables normally used for different tasks in computer systems.