Types Of Breast Implants

What are the different types of breast implants? These modern times, beauty has been an important part of our lives. This importance goes double when it comes to women. You see, because of the modernization of times, new and improved ways to beautify are invented. People are now open to surgery to make sure that they look pretty and stand out in a crowd, and the most common body part altered in women are the breasts. The breasts are very important body parts of women. Not only do they make the women look sexy, they are also the gateway of breast milk that babies need in order to be healthy and strong.

There are two types of breast implants. The first of these types of breast implants the more common is saline. The saline breasts implants are, well, breast implants that are filled with saline solution. This is the more common and used but they are prone to failure given that they can leak and cause an infection. But this just occurred with the early models. Now, the saline breast implants are stronger and more effective. These types of breast implants are applied through surgery, though. The breasts will be cut and the implants will be applied on each breast then the cuts will be sewn with somewhat around 2-3 stitches each breast.

The second types of breast implants are silicone gel implants. There has been five generations since this was born as they are very much in demand. The first generation of the silicone gel implants look like a teardrop shaped silicone sap with silicone gel inside. They are attached by fastening it to the rear part of the breast implant shell. The second generation silicone gel implants are thinner and has lower cohesion than the first. They are, well, the improved versions of it. However, problems with this second generation types of breast implants started to incur as there were reports of silicone gel bleeds that cause the silicone gel to escape the implants and infect the breast of the woman who has it. The third and the fourth generation of these types of breast implants are more sturdy and safer. Also, the filling of these breast implants are known to be thicker and cohesion is increased in the gel. The fifth generation silicone gel implants were released during the middle 1990s. They are made out of semi-solid silicone gel that proved to be most effective as they do not leak. The use of the fifth generation silicone gel breast implants proved to be most effective as studies has shown that the incidence of leaks are the least, therefore improving the safety and life of the breast implants.

Aside from these two types of breast implants, recent reports have shown that there are some other types of breast implants being introduced at present. There are now breast implants that have miscellaneous fillers such as soy oil. However, because the safety of these breast implants were not guaranteed, the manufacturers were required to stop the production of them.