Types Of Bread

What are the different types of bread? Bread is a staple food that can be found around the world. From the olden days until now, people are into making, buying, and eating the many different types of bread due to their great flavor and healthiness. This is why we should know the different kinds of bread, to know which to eat when we need certain nutrients in our body.

The healthiest among the types of bread are the whole meal breads. These are bread that is made out of whole wheat. This is why many people call these kinds of bread whole wheat bread. These types of bread are gaining popularity around the world because of the many health benefits that they bring. They are a great source of fiber that aids in good digestion. Compared to other types of bread, the amount of dietary fiber in whole meal breads are more than twice.

White breads are types of bread that are primary made up of white flour. There are also some other ingredients that vary depending on the recipe. Some of these ingredients include seeds, vegetable flours, herbs and the like. These ingredients give the bread their distinct taste.

Multigrain breads are types of bread that are made from many different grains. These breads are also known to be made by combination of white flour, whole meal, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables pieces, spices, nonfat solids, oats, barley, corn, rye, and many others. There are two classifications of the multigrain breads. These classifications are light and heavy.

Rye breads are types of bread that are, well, made from rye. This is known to have originated from Europe. The main characteristics of types of bread are that the flavor is strong and the color is dark. Compared to the many other types, this is one that contains a high fiber value, just like the wheat bread. Some places where rye bread is common include European countries Germany and Finland as well as Russia and the Baltic states.

Sourdough breads are types of bread where the texture is a lot denser. They are also characterized by a sour taste, as the name implies. The sourdough breads are made by combining water and flour. Then, little or no yeast is added to the mixture. This mixture is called a starter. This is then fermented and voila! The sourdough is ready.

Flat breads are types of bread that are considered the oldest breads that are ever created. These are made by mixing flour, salt and water. There are some people who are making flat breads that prefer to use wheat in therm. There are also some people who prefer to use barley, oats, rice, millet, and other types of grain. There are two main types of flat bread. These two types are single layered and double layered. Flat breads are mostly used in the Middle East as there are many different types of grains that can be found there. The most common of all the types of flat breads are the pita breads.