Types Of Braces

What are the different types of braces? Braces are needed to correct and straighten teeth. These are not just done for beauty and anesthetics. These are mostly done to ensure that the person’s teeth are in their right position – and in the long run improve a person’s dental health. Some of the dental cases that will need braces include under bites, open bites, overbites, malocclusions, crooked teeth, and many others. If you will notice, each of these cases differs from one another. Combine this with the different characteristics of the people who need them, you will need to get different types of braces for each scenario.

Metal braces are the most commonly used types of braces that are available. As the name implies, these are dental braces that are made out of metal. This works by placing brackets of metal together. These metal brackets are glued on to each tooth. The metal part will then pull the teeth together. As the placing of the teeth is corrected, the metal will be adjusted so that the teeth can continually adjust to the desired and proper location.

Ceramic braces are types of braces, well, that are made out of ceramics. Compared to the metal braces, these ceramic braces are more expensive. This is mainly because they are made out of a more expensive material. Also, these ceramic types of braces are not visible. The problem about the ceramic types of braces is that even though it is more expensive, they are not as strong as the metal ones. The only thing that gets these braces going is the fact that they look great.

Lingual braces are the types of braces that are placed behind the teeth. Due to this setup, they are not visible when you talk or smile. When it comes to the price, these are known to be more expensive. This is mainly because they are more aesthetic as well as more cosmetic than the two mentioned above. These types of braces are used mainly for crocked, misaligned, or angled teeth. The main disadvantage of these types of braces is that you will need to find orthodontists and dentists that can attach and apply these for you. They are not common to most so you will need to exert effort to find some.

The invisalign braces are types of braces that are ‘virtually’ invisible. These are made out of implantable polyurethane. They are made by creating molds or impressions of the whole part of the jaw that needs braces. Then, the mold is sent to the invisalign lab. The invisalign people will make the braces that will surely make you comfortable. The best part about these is that they are invisible, comfortable, and worth the money. Yes, the invisalign can be expensive. But with the many advantages that you will get from it, you will surely agree.

Smart brackets are the latest in braces technology. These are types of braces that will provide you with the accurate measurements about your teeth. These will help you lessen the amount of time you need to correct your teeth.