Types Of Blood Tests

What are the types of blood tests? At one time or the other, we have had a need to conduct a blood test either as a routine checkup or as a process of treatment for illness. Blood tests are done on a blood sample which is usually extracted from the vein using a fingerprick or a needle.

There are several types of blood tests that are done on patients. Some of the most frequents ones include:

* Blood tests to find out the risk of heart disease

* Blood enzyme tests

* Basic Metabolic Panel/Blood Chemistry Tests

* Complete blood count (CBC)

Assessing Heart Disease Risk

Someone who wants to find out whether he or she is at risk for a CHD (coronary heart disease) would normally go for a lipoprotein panel. This test tries to examine substances in your blood that are carriers of cholesterol. Normally, a lipoprotein panel provides information regarding HDL ( a cholesterol that reduces artery blockages), LDL (mainly responsible for cholesterol buildup and its eventual blockage in arteries), or test on Triglycerides (which assesses the level of fat in your body). Usually, the presence of Triglycerides and abnormal cholesterol indicates that there is a higher risk of CHD. People who want to go for a lipoprotein panel are required to fast for about 12 hours prior to the blood test.

Blood Enzyme Tests

Enzymes are agents that help in the control of chemical reactions in the body. There are several types of blood tests that are carried out for blood enzymes. Some of the most common ones are creatine and troponin which are done to check for any sign of heart attack.

The creatine is carried out to find out if there is CK-MB, a blood product that indicates a damaged heart muscle. A large amount of this blood product can mean that the patient has had a heart attack.

On the other hand, Troponin is protein that helps in the contraction of the muscle. When heart cells or a muscle is injured, it usually leads to an escape of troponin into the blood. Its rise in the blood can also lead to heart attack. This explains why doctors would normally carry out a troponin test on a patient that complains of chest pains or other heart related symptoms.

Basic Metabolic Panel / Blood Chemistry Tests

This is among the most common types of blood test. It is a series of tests that are done to examine different chemicals in the patient’s blood. The tests are always carried out on the fluid part of the body. Through the test, doctors can get relevant information concerning the patient’s bones, muscles, liver, kidneys as well as the heart. The basic metabolic panel includes test that measure the proper functioning of the kidney, calcium, blood glucose, and electrolyte tests.

Complete Blood Count

As one of the most common types of blood tests, the CBC is usually done as a routine checkup. The test of this nature is very important as it can help detect disorders, such as blood cancers, clotting problems, immune system problems, infections, and anemia. The CBC measures the white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, hematocrit and hemoglobin.