Types Of Blood Pregnancy Tests

There are two basic types of blood pregnancy tests, which are also referred to as serum tests. The first method known as qualitative pregnancy test gives information on the existence of HCG and the provision of a positive of negative answer to pregnancy tests. The second method is known as quantitative blood pregnancy tests where the extent of hCG in the blood is measured.

In the two types of blood pregnancy tests, when the test shows that hCG is below 5mIU per ml, the pregnancy test will be reported as negative. But when the hCG level is higher and reaches between 5 and 25 mIU per ml, then the result will be termed equivocal, which leads to the performance of another pregnancy test.

There are other types of blood pregnancy tests and others that can be done in the home. As for the pregnancy tests done at home, there are loads of options to choose. But know that all the pregnancy tests done at home test the urine for signs of hCG using a digital format, midstream, or a test strip.

When using the midstream or test strip format, a urine sample is put on the stick and allowed for some minutes for signs to appear. These signs are in the form of a colored line, which shows that the result is positive. In the digital types of blood pregnancy tests, the result for the test is simply a yes or no format which is usually shown on the display. Each of the types of blood pregnancy tests is structured in such a way that it will detect a particular hCG level in the urine sample. Those types of blood pregnancy tests that can easily spot smaller levels of hGC in the system are more preferred as they provide more accuracy within 7 days after ovulation.

But before you decide whether to go for one of the types of blood pregnancy tests or use a test device at home, there are certain things you need to consider.

* How convenient is the pregnancy test? Though the quantitative type of pregnancy test can be very effective in confirming results within a few days, the qualitative method with a 25mIU per ml range is equally as effective. But again, a lot of women will prefer the idea of waiting a couple of days before conducting the test in their home. While the home pregnancy test can give you test results within some minutes, you can spend up to two days while waiting for your result if you go for any of the two types of blood pregnancy tests.

* Cost: Definitely, a blood pregnancy test will be more expensive than the home pregnancy test. You might be paying up to $80 for a blood pregnancy test. But only $10 can get you as much as 10 pregnancy strips which allow you to run series of test on different days if necessary.

* Accuracy: If your criteria is accuracy of test without minding the cost, then you should be going for the quantitative method, which is the most sensitive test for the detection of hCG.