Types Of Blood Plasma

Blood plasma is the clear part of blood and it is colorless. It does not consist of any cells and it actually makes up for half of the blood’s volume. Plasma is 90 percent water and is an important part of the blood. It does consist of proteins, carbohydrates, red blood cells, white blood cells or anything of the sort and the plasma helps in transporting these to other parts of the body that require these nutrients. There are different types of blood plasma and plasma is usually separated from the blood via centrifugation- heavier blood cells fall to the lower end of the device and the plasma itself is left behind. This is more of a filtration process.

One of the many types of blood plasma is the type AB blood plasma. This plasma, as is obvious by the name of the types of the plasma, belongs to the AB group. People with the AB types of blood plasma can receive plasma from people with these types of blood plasmas but those who do not have the AB types of blood plasma cannot because their bodies would reject it.

Another of the many types of blood plasma belongs to people with A + blood types and these types of blood plasma can only receive blood from people with A or AB blood groups but they cannot receive blood plasma from people with B or O types of blood plasma because, as in the previous case, their bodies would reject the plasma. The plasma is responsible for picking up certain waste materials (such as infectious matters) and deposits other materials that the body is in need of- such as white and/or red blood cells and antibodies that can combat infections in certain types of the body.

Think of the various types of blood plasma as the engine oil you use in your cars- these clear out things in the system that are not required and at the same time ensures that certain fluid in the car are regulated throughout the car instead. Similarly the types of blood plasma transport materials throughout the body and make sure that things that are not required in the body are picked up and taken out of the system. This way the wear and tear procedures of the bodies are kept ongoing and the body can defend itself against viruses and other parasitic hosts.

Out of all the types of blood plasma, type O is the only one that can receive blood from all of the other types of blood plasma groups and such like. When the types of blood plasma are not compatible with one another, the body automatically rejects the blood plasma. That is why when separating the components of blood, doctors always separate the types of blood plasma, red blood cells and white blood cells.

The types of blood plasma vary according to the blood group and different people with different blood groups can make use of different types of plasma.However, apart from those with the O blood group, none other can use all types of blood plasma.