Types Of Blood O Positive

There are so many types of blood in various sorts of people and these are divided into blood groups (A, B, AB and O) out of which one of these is the types of blood O positive. Out of all of the types of blood O positive is one of those that can either receive blood from specific types of blood donors or donate their blood to specific types of people with specific blood groups. O negative blood types are those who are only able to donate their blood to other people with different blood groups. The types of blood groups we have depend upon genetics. In some cases a mother may be carrying a baby with a blood group that is not the same as hers but her body produces antibodies to protect her.

Only about 7 percent of the world’s population has the O negative blood types. People with types of blood O positive can donate their red blood cells to are O positive, A positive, B positive and AB positive blood groups as well and they form about 37 percent of the world’s population. A larger number of people have the O positive blood when compared to people with people who have the O negative blood group. They cannot donate blood to people with O negative blood groups.

Of all the types of blood O positive blood groups can accept the blood types of people with O positive or O negative blood groups. They cannot accept the blood of any other donor because of the fact that their red blood cells have antigens on their surfaces which do not allow them to accept blood from any other donor. These antigens may be carbohydrates, glycolipids or proteins and they reject the blood of any other donor because of which the body of the recipient rejects the blood of the donor. This does not only apply to people with types of blood O positive blood groups. It also applies to other groups except for people with the AB blood group who can accept blood from all donor because their red blood cells do not reject the blood that is received by an AB blood group person.

In some cases a person’s body may not be able to produce platelets which produce antibodies against viruses and diseases. An example of such a scenario is the dengue disease where the platelets of an individual are destroyed and as a consequence he or she may lose his/her life. The only person who can accept the blood platelets of types of blood O positive persons are those with the O positive blood group themselves. Again, the body would reject the blood platelets if it cannot be accepted by the recipient and as result the patient would have to wait because he can only accept the platelets of people with types of blood O positive blood groups.

Only O positive and O negative recipients can accept types of blood O positive plasma when and if the need for this strikes.