Types Of Blood Loss

Many things can cause the types of blood loss. But then again, it is a very important matter that you are able to understand why any of the types of blood loss occur and get to know the symptoms as well. You see, our blood is the fuel that makes sure that our body functions right. Therefore, if the blood stream gets any of these types of blood loss the body will surely end up getting serious problems as well.

The many types of blood loss can show different kinds of symptoms too. Of course, bleeding will be seen in different parts of your body such as the mouth, skin, urine, stool, vagina, and others. You can also experience bleeding after a certain surgery. There are people who experience abdominal pain as well as swelling and these are symptoms of very serious internet bleeding problems. When these happen, you will experience dizziness, weak pulse, paleness and even vomiting blood.

Capillary types of blood loss are blood loss that occurs in the blood vessels, the smallest ones. Normally when capillaries bleed, given that they are very small and thin, they must not bleed too much. The clotting agents in the blood will then be able to immediately work their magic and stop these types of blood loss in a few seconds to a minute max.

Venous bleeding are the types of blood loss that occur when veins are cut open. This happens when we get deep cuts. If you will notice these types of blood loss will show you dark red colored blood that has a slow flow and a steady one. The main technique to stop the bleeding in these cases will be adding pressure, direct, on the wound where the vein is cut.

Arterial bleeding types of blood loss is known to be the most hazardous of all three. You see, arteries are the largest blood vessels in the body. They are the ones that are near the heart too. This is why you will notice that there will be bright red blood spurting out as your heart beats if you get these types of blood loss. The blood that will come out of your arteries will be in large volumes too. Therefore, you must look for a way to stop it right away of you will end up bleeding to death. To stop the blood loss, you must make sure that you are able to add extreme and firm pressure on where the wound is. Make sure that the pressure is added directly too or you will lose too much blood.

To stop bleeding, make the bleeding person lie down and elevate the legs. This will direct more blood to the brain. This is important as doing this will bring blood to the brain and prevent the person from fainting. This is important because you will need to talk to the person so as to make sure that he is able to express what he is feeling until you get him help.