Types Of Blood Lipids

Not a lot of people get to know that there are types of blood lipids. Basically, blood lipids are the parts of the blood that can be bound or free to other cells, proteins and molecules. Of course these types of blood lipids, otherwise called blood fats, are all important parts of the blood and hence you should make sure that they are of a healthy nature at all times.

The two main types of blood lipids are the cholesterol and the triglycerides. Cholesterol are the types of blood lipids that are substances that are fatty found in the human tissues. Animals also have these types of blood lipids and it plays an important role in both animal and human bodies. Basically, these types of blood lipids are produced by the liver so that they can do what they are intended to do. However, when we eat certain kinds of food we get cholesterol too as animals have them. Hence, when we eat meat, eggs, and other dairy products, we will get to have cholesterol added in our system. Always remember that depending on your age, built, and diet, there is a certain level of cholesterol that is healthy for your body. However, much like everything else, if you have a lot of this in your blood then you might get in trouble as excessive cholesterol in the blood can lead to clogging of the arteries and other blood pathways such as the vessels, veins, and capillaries.

Triglycerides are the blood fats that have the task of being able to circulate all throughout the blood stream. This being said, these are the types of blood lipids that will go with your cholesterol to perform the tasks that are bestowed in them. Unlike cholesterol that can be produced by the liver, triglycerides can only be gotten by the body from the food that we eat. Common sources of triglycerides include peanuts and other plant oils. Always also remember that the triglycerides level in the body should be watched closely too as this can lead to many health problems if the body gets to have huge amounts of them. Some of the health problems that can be caused by triglycerides include blood vessel problems and heart diseases. This is because high levels of triglycerides can make the blood more thick which can cause it to block small veins and capillaries.

You see the two main types of blood lipids are both there to be able to ensure that the blood will flow well and good. But then again, if you are not able to watch them closely, a lot of problems can follow and this is why it is very important that you know and understand what they are and how they will affect your body. Treat your blood lipids like oil, for instance. This is because of the fact that oil and water don’t mix and the whole world knows that. Hence, blood lipids do not also mix with the blood and this is why they are important to be watched well.