Types Of Blood Disorders

A number of the types of blood disorders have been terrorizing people of the world. If you are one of these people then read this as you will need to know more about these types of blood disorders as you will get to know them better and understand them here.

The most common types of blood disorders are found affecting the red blood cells. Anemia is a very common one wherein people experience getting a low count of hemoglobin and red blood cells. If the anemia is already severe the person can experience symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath. Remember that there are many different kinds of anemia too that you must be able to understand.

Iron deficiency anemia pertains to the types of blood disorders wherein the red blood cells lack iron in them. Most of the time, this is caused by menstruation in women or maybe just low iron intake when it comes to the men.

Pernicious anemia belongs to the types of blood disorders that are considered to be auto immune. These are the types of blood disorders that prevent the body from getting or absorbing the Vitamin B12 which is needed direly by the body.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemias are the types of blood disorders wherein the kidneys destroy the red blood cells present in the blood. This is because the kidneys of the person end up working over actively and hence leads to these types of blood disorders.

Thalassemia is another form of anemia that can be common if you have a heritage that is Mediterranean. This is because this is a genetically caused disease but it can be treated by transfusions of blood.

Malaria is considered to be one of the many types of blood disorders too. Because of the bite of the mosquito the blood of a person becomes infected and ends up rupturing the red blood cells in there that normally leads to many serious problems and health issues.

Leukemia is pretty much the most well-known types of blood disorders in the white blood cells. This is a form of cancer, actually wherein the white blood cells of the body gets affected and ends up being malignant, then multiplies in the bone marrow of the patient.

Heparin is a blood disorder that is characterized by a low count of platelets. These are caused by a certain blood thinner that prevents people to get blood clots when they are in the hospital for some other illness.

The blood plasma can get diseases too as they are components of the blood as well. They can get sepsis which is an infection that is present in the body but affects and hurts the blood plasma the most. Hemophilia is a blood disorder that hurts the plasma too. This is, however, a genetic disease wherein the clotting agents in the blood plasma get to be deficient. If any of the many kinds of hemophilia are not treated the soonest, serious health problems can arise and it can even lead to death.