Types Of Blood Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which the multiplication of cells in the body leads to the formation of a tumor that could spread throughout the system though tumorous growths do not always show themselves and in some cases there may be no tumor either. There are various types of blood cancer just as there various types of ovarian and breast cancer and every one of these work and affect the body in a different manner but all of them have one thing in common- they all exist due to the rapid multiplication of cancerous cells in the body.

Leukemia is one of the three types of blood cancer that we know of. It is incurable and it is also actually much more common today than it used to be before. Leukemia is frequently referred to as the most dangerous of all types of blood cancer. Ironically some cells that multiply are good but in smaller amounts but if they multiply and exist in large amounts they could be quite harmful. Take leukemia for example- the bone marrow and the blood are affected in these types of blood cancer. The bone marrow is responsible for the production of white blood cells that help combat viruses and diseases in the blood but rapid multiplication of these cells leads to the production of underdeveloped white blood cells. Underdeveloped white blood cells are not able to do what they are made to do properly and as a result they cause cancer. Someone who has acute leukemia has a body is producing large numbers of underdeveloped white blood cells. The other of the two types of blood cancer, where leukemia is concerned, is chroni

c leukemia, where the generation of the white blood cells by the bone marrow is much slower (but still dangerous) than it would be where acute leukemia is concerned.

The next of the various types of blood cancer is lymphoma and lymphatic system keep fluids in the body clean and free from infections. Without the system (or if the lymphoma were affected) we would have toxic fluid inside our bodies. In one, of the two types of blood cancer, at least where lymphoma is concerned, the cancer goes from one lymph node to another in a random order while in the other the cancer goes from one group of lymph nodes to the other in a systematic order instead.

Myeloma is the cancer of the plasma in the blood and these types of blood cancer affect the plasma which is actually a type of white blood cell. What these do is that they released antibodies in the system to combat diseases and such like. Myeloma can be found in one place on the body but in other cases it can spread as well. These types of blood cancer are rare though and not many people suffer from these types of blood cancer as opposed to the number of people who suffer from lymphoma and leukemia (which is the most common of the types of blood cancer).