Types Of Blood Bacteria

Do you know that the blood can also carry bacterium and that there are many types of blood bacteria? Well, these types of blood bacteria can cause quite a lot of infections and illnesses to the people who have them. this being said, it is best that you are able to make sure that you know these types of blood bacteria so as to make sure that you will be able to try to avoid them and get treatment if the worst happens.

E.Coli is among the famous types of blood bacteria. Basically, these types of blood bacteria are the ones that are responsible for different kinds of food poisoning. These are the types of blood bacteria that affect the lining of the intestinal tract and destroy the blood components. These blood components that e.coli majorly destroys are the red blood cells. We all know that the red blood cells are the part of the blood that brings around oxygen to the lungs and takes out the carbon dioxide in your body. This means that when the red blood cells are affected with these types of blood bacteria, many health problems can show and can even lead to the worst – death.

Streptococcus types of blood bacteria are those that cause skin infections and sore throats. There are many other problems that can be caused by the strep bacteria and this is why we should try to do everything we can not to get infected with it. The worst cases of these types of blood bacteria can lead to coma, skin necrosis, shock, and can indeed be life threatening. The strep bacteria can be transmitted quite easily too. You can get them by contact from the mouth or nose. These are others who get this from contact with open skin lesions.

The staphylococcus types of blood bacteria are those that are known for rapidly multiplying. The worst part about these kinds of bacteria is that they can really lead to severe infections in the body. When these bacterium enter the blood, they can cause problems in the whole body. They can cause pus formation and swelling, aside from inflammation. And if these bacterium are not taken out from the bloodstream, the worst cases can lead to death. You can get contaminated with the bacteria when you get skin to skin contact from people who are already suffering from them. This is why it is very important that when you have open wound, cover them when you know that you will be going out to the world as you can easily get bacteria and other forms of illnesses from them. There are some people who get these because they live among people who have them too. This is why it is not recommended that you share with other people personal things such as clothes, towels and bed linens as these kinds of bacteria can live and stay there. If you use these things and you have an open wound, then you just might have contaminated yourself.