Types Of Blood And Compatibility

Knowledge about the types of blood and compatibility is a must to anyone and everyone. You see, there are many different things that we should know with regards to our health, but the knowledge of the types of blood and compatibility is one of the most important ones that you must have always.

The most important part that you need to know about the types of blood and compatibility is the composition of the blood. You see, each of the littlest components of the blood is very important. They each have their tasks that are needed by the body to function. The red blood cells, for one, are the ones that make sure that oxygen is transported to the heart. They are the ones that are responsible too for making sure that carbon dioxide found in the body will be taken out. The white blood cells are the ones that work with the antibodies and the immune system to make sure that we are able to fight the fungi, viruses, and bacteria that get inside us. Not many people are aware that we also have plasma in our blood. This is the watery part of it that carries around proteins and other nutrients and distributes it to where they should be.

When talking about types of blood and compatibility, antigens and antibodies are often mentioned. Basically, these are two are the ones that define the types of blood and compatibility. Antigens are the ones that make sure that the body produces antibodies. Antibodies, on the other hand, are proteins in the blood that helps the immune system do its job.

Remember that you must be able to identify the types of blood and compatibility very well especially when you get any kind of blood problems or illnesses. You see, there are four blood types. It is important to understand how the types of blood and compatibility work because not all of them are compatible with each other. Just make sure that you know the blood types and where they are compatible with to make sure that you will not end up in any kinds of blood related problems.

The Type O blood is known as the universal donors. This is because the people who have this blood type will be able to donate blood to all other blood types. However, remember that these people can only get blood from people that have the Type O blood as well. This is because of the fact that the Type O blood can only accept blood that has no antigens because if the blood they get has antigens problems will arise.

Another important fact about types of blood and compatibility is that the Type AB blood can receive blood from all blood types. They can, however, only receive blood from the people who have the same blood type as they are. The main reason behind this that this blood type is composed of both A and B antigens and have no antibodies. Therefore, when they get blood that have antibodies in them, the blood composition gets messed up and this is not good when it comes to types of blood and compatibility.