Types Of Bipolar Disorder

What are the different types of bipolar disorder? We often see on the TV or in movies people with bipolar disorder. Many people take it lightly but really, it is quite a serious ailment to have. It is a lifelong illness that can only be controlled but not cured. It is characterized by depression and mania if no medication is taken. Also, there are at least five types of bipolar disorder and they are something that shouldn’t be ignored as some people have bipolar disorder and not know about it.

Among the known types of bipolar disorder, the most basic is Bipolar I. This is also called as the manic depressive disorder. Have you ever experienced a manic episode in your life? Do you know that at least one manic episode can mean that you have this disorder? How do you define a manic episode, anyway? A manic episode happens when you all of a sudden have elevated mood that disrupts your normal life routine. Most of the people who experience manic episodes are the ones who suffer from depression. It can be a cycle, really, between mania and depression.

Bipolar II, on the other hand, is among the types of bipolar disorder where one experiences hypomania. Hypomania is an occurrence of mania that is much less intense and moods are not that elevated. These are the types of bipolar disorder that brings about manic depression. The thing is that people who have bipolar II can live normal lives. The problem is when the hypomania and the depression occur as this can disrupt their normal lives. Much like Bipolar I, anyone can get Bipolar II. Their symptoms include rapid and loud speech, hyperactivity, and flying ideas.

Cyclothymia is among the types of bipolar disorder that most people call mild mood syndrome. It is characterized by mood swings, depression, elevated mood, and hypomania. The scary thing about Cyclothymia is that the people who have it will have erratic mood swings that are very hard to handle. Also, the symptoms being in adolescence, therefore, it can be confused as “just hormones” and can be neglected at first. If you have Cyclothymia, however, don’t worry as there are a huge percentage of people who have it that are still successful in their life – professional and social.

Lastly, we have the mixed bipolar disorder. These are the types of bipolar disorder wherein the person who has it experiences both poles – depression and then mania. This is the type of bipolar disorder that will bring you in the extreme sides of things. They also manifest at an early age therefore, there are many people who are able to take their medications for the disorder even before they get worse. Much like all the other types, the mixed bipolar disorder can manifest in every one and anyone. People who have this have defined its symptoms as depression and mania happening almost at the same time. Among all the other types, this is the type of this disorder that is generally categorized as a mental illness.