Types Of Big Dogs

What are the different types of big dogs?

One distinguishing factor between the big dogs and other types of dogs is extra-large canines. Big dogs are very friendly, affectionate, loyal and very loving among other advantages with they have. They can also be trained to have the desired traits as they have the ability to learn new tricks but the rate at which they learn varies from one big dog to the other just like human beings have different abilities to grasp information. However, they also come with some challenges which must also be considered. They drool too much and are also very expensive to maintain especially when it comes to feeding them. They are also prone to bloat just like any other dogs besides having a very short life span of 6-10 years as compared to their counter parts that have a life span between 12-15yrs.

To keep these types of big dogs it requires one to have spacious homes to accommodate their wagging tails and big beds. During the early ages of these big dogs; when they are not fully trained – it is difficult to understand what ability or strength they can develop. However, with time and appropriate training they tend to be very gentle. Here are some of the different types of big dogs:

Great Dane

At first, this huge creature might resemble a small horse. If it is about standing out in a crowd, the Great Dane has 100% surety. Apart from its physiques, it also has a spectacular personality. The Great Dane is incredibly loyal, playful, gentle and friendly.

At first it was trained to be wild pig hunter but after sometime it was turned to be a watch dog. On average it weighs somewhere within 100-200 pounds and its height ranges form 28-30′ tall.


It is the largest of all types of big dogs. From its outlooks, mastiff is a powerful and brawn. However, from deep inside it’s also lovable. These dogs can weigh up to 20 pounds and manage to be as tall as 30′ and beyond. Generally, this type of big dog has a very huge head.


This type of big dogs have a gentle and kind disposition. In addition, the Leonberger is a beautiful and a very hard-working dog; it is easier to be trained. It also develops a very strong bond with its family. Its weight is about 120-170 pounds. The Leonberger is a native of Germany.


This type of big dog is a cross-breed of a bulldog and a mastiff. Initially, it was developed to help the gamekeepers guide the parks but today it has been transformed to be a companion dog. Averagely it weigh anywhere around 100-130 pounds and it has an approximate height of 24-27′ tall.


It is very popular breed of big dogs. They are intelligent and friendlier in nature. With Collie, they rarely show their rage unless there is need for protection. This type of big dogs are equally loyal, gentle and fearless. Normally, it develops good relationship with kids hence it a very vital addition to the family.