Types Of Bears

Bears are carnivores which are very agile and burly build however this does not mean that they entirely live on flesh. In most instances, different types of bears feed on vegetation. Here are some of the most common types of bears.

The polar bear

They are distinguished by their white fur, longer neck and head and very small ears. They are adapted to icy environments. The female are half the males’ size with the male polar bears weighing up to 800 kg. They give birth after every three years but only give birth to two cubs.

These types of bears are mostly found in the Arctic Circle and some parts of south Canada and they feed on seals, grass and berries.

The figure above shows an image of a polar bear.

The Asiatic black bear

These types of bears are black in color with some white patches on the chest and chins. They are also referred to as the Moon bears. They have the biggest ears which actually acts as a distinguishing factor between them and other types of bears. They are not as heavy as the polar bears as they weight about 200 kilograms.

These bears are mostly found in hilly and forested habitats. They mostly dominate Asian countries just as the name suggests and these include Afghanistan, northern India, Nepal and Bhutan among other countries.

The Asiatic black bear eat fruits, small vertebrates, insects and berries. The figure below shows an image of the Asiatic black bear.

The American black bear

The American black bears have a wide range of coating. This may include black, reddish-brown, and brown with some species being white in color.

They vary in sizes with the small ones weighing about 60 kg while the bigger species weighing about 300 kg. They are mostly found in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. They are found in forests.

The American black bears feed on deer, moose, insects and berries and they can also give birth to 6 cubs.

The figure above shows an image of spirit bear

A white American black bears are called spirit bear.

The brown or grizzly bear

These are large bears which exist in a wide range of coating. This may include dark-brown, black or creamy. They are identified by their long claws on the front paws and their unique hump on the shoulders.

They weight but 390 kilograms and they are evenly spread across the globe from Asian countries to the American continents. Their like mountainous and forested habitats.

These types of bears have the ability to hibernate during winter season and they mostly feed on sedge, grass, roots and bulbs.

They mostly give birth between the months of January and March.

The figure above shows the brown bear

The sloth bears

These types of bears are identified with long shaggy fur, lighter nose and a white or yellow chest patch which is either Y or U in shape. They are very small black bears as they weigh about 100 kilograms.

They are mostly found in the Asian countries. They live in both forests and grassland.

An image of a slot bear.